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Women's Health

women's healthWomen are an integral part of our community and we believe that they deserve special care throughout their lives. Whether it is preparing to start a family with their partner, or going through menopause, our physicians have the ability to medically assist women through all phases of life.

General Female Services

We provide our female patients with all annual physical and well woman exams necessary to maintain optimal health. We can help women with many medical conditions that may arise such as abnormal pap smears, yeast infections, fibrocystic breast disease, thyroid disorder, osteoporosis, and many other female medical conditions.

Preconception Care

Preconception Care is for women looking to optimize health prior to conceiving. This may be for couples with or without a history of infertility. As with most naturopathic philosophies, looking at the human body as an integrated system is critical to optimal well-being. When a woman and her partner are preparing to conceive, our physicians can assist this couple in achieving comprehensive and optimal health. The treatments and focus can include the following:

  • Fertility and Ovulation Tracking
  • Proper Prenatal Vitamins and Nutritional Supplementation
  • Hormone Balancing
  • Mind-Body Readiness for Conception
  • Weight Loss, Detoxification and Proper Diet and Exercise
  • Research on Prenatal Care and Birthing Options

Prenatal Care

Our doctors have received specialty training in all areas surrounding women’s health. As a Naturopathic Medical Doctor and a Certified Professional Midwife, Dr. Tellier and Dr. DiCampl can provide comprehensive and complete prenatal care for women looking for the incorporation of naturopathic philosophies during their pregnancies. The mother’s health and ability to maintain adequate nutrition is one of the most critical aspects of pregnancy. An integral part of her practice is medical care of infants, many of whom were delivered by Dr. Tellier in their mother’s home. Both Dr. Tellier and Dr. DiCampli can provide labor support for those seeking naturopathic guidance and representation during their hospital labors.

Women’s Needs Evolve

Our physicians can help women through many phases in life. As women approach menopause, Dr. Tellier can provide alternative therapies to help the body through its hormonal change. In addition to many alternative therapies including herbal supplementation, our medical practice provides necessary lab services and Hormone Replacement Therapy. These therapies can help with those physiological side effects associated with hormone changes such as insomnia, hot flashes and migraines.

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