Natural Detoxification

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What Toxins?

DetoxificationToxins can enter the body a variety of ways. Ingested and environmental toxins are two types that can have a dramatic impact on an individual’s overall health. It is important to understand how toxins are being introduced into the body so that corrective action can be taken to stop further toxicity. Often food allergies and sensitivities create inflammation in the digestive system, and can result in a build-up of toxins which can result in headaches, mood swings, eczema, brain fog, weight-gain, chronic fatigue, and sleep disruption. Heavy-metal toxicity may be a result of eating foods (often fish) that are contaminated from our environment. Environmental toxins affect more than just our food supply, they harm us when we come in contact with them directly or from the air we breathe. Toxins have the same impact as food allergy and intolerances on our body, they create imbalances in healthy flora and inflammation in the body.

How to detoxify…

Our doctors can provide medical supervision to detoxify the body, and will also help patients create the lifestyle to prevent future toxicity. We use a variety of modalities to help with detoxification including herbal supplements, nutrient detox IV's, hydrotherapy, food elimination techniques, homeopathy, and other clinical nutrition technique which will remove toxins. We believe it is not enough to remove the toxins, it is equally important to understand the source, and help create a lifestyle that prevents further contamination.

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