Homeopathic Therapy Treatments

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HomeopathyHomeopathic Therapy is a form of medical treatment that has been used for centuries. The philosophy involves the thought that “like cures like.” Homeopathy can be used to treat many ailments from acute injuries, cold and flu’s, ear infections, headaches, bruising and swelling associated with hematomas, and irritability (just to name a few). Homeopathic remedy and treatment depends on an individual’s symptoms. While normally ingested orally, some homeopathic treatments could be injected depending upon the treatment needed.

Athletes with sports related injuries can benefit from this naturopathic medical treatment. Bruising and swelling associated with injuries can be managed with homeopathic medicine. Other ailments such as runner’s knee, joint pain, bursitis and even neuromas can be treated with homeopathic medicine. Homeopathic injections are a great alternative to cortisone shots, and should be explore by any individual who wants to heal without using steroid injections.

Specialty Lab Services

We offer the convenience for general lab testing in our medical office. We have the ability to test for a variety of blood work and other types of testing depending upon what is needed for a patient’s medical diagnosis or treatment considerations. The types of testing that we offer include food allergy testing, heavy metal testing, micronutrient (vitamin/mineral/antioxidant levels) testing, adrenal function tests, neurotransmitter testing for mood/energy/sleep function, specialized stool cultures, mold testing, Lyme testing, etc.

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