Natural Diet & Lifestyle Counseling

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The Key is Balance

Diet LifestyleDiet and lifestyle counseling promotes the importance of balance. Our practitioners educate our patients on the criticality of diet in overall well-being and the role diet and exercise play in staying healthy. The areas they will focus on include the following:

  • Food Allergy and Sensitivities
  • Weight Loss
  • Food as Medicine
  • Stress Management
  • Optimized Sleep Patterns
  • Low Inflammation Diets
  • Pediatric Nutritional Planning

Active Lifestyle Support

Our physicians appreciate an active lifestyle as demonstrated by their regular yoga practice, passion for running and desire to stay active on a regular basis. They often leverage her medical training to deliver naturopathic perspective for those within an active athletic lifestyle. Whether it is creating a customized nutritional plan, managing sports related injuries, or providing IV therapy for recovery, we can provide all of the support necessary for an athlete seeking a naturopathic lifestyle.

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