Naturopathic Services

Family Practice

Family Medicine

We offer healthcare for the entire family. From newborns to adults, Our Doctors can help treat ailments from common colds to chronic medical conditions.

Women's Health

Natural Womens Health

The Doctors at Health For Life Naturopathic have extensive training in women’s healthcare and can provide services for well-woman exams and hormone therapy.

Pediatric Medicine

Natural Pediatrics

Our Doctors see children of all ages. She provides naturopathic medical oversight of common childhood concerns and can also perform physical exams necessary for school and athletic participation.

Preventative Medicine

Preventative Medicine

A key element of naturopathic medicine is creating a level of health that prevents disease. Our office many modalities that will assist her patients who desire this level of well-being

Diet & Lifestyle Counseling

Natural Diet Lifestyle

We counsel those seeking a naturopathic lifestyle. We can also help athletes achieve optimum performance.

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition

Whole foods are a critical part of any healthy lifestyle. we can provide counsel and medical oversight for any dietary regimen.



Toxins build up in our bodies. We provide guidance on detoxification methods to cleanse the body of harmful chemicals which will allow for optimal constitution.

Food Allergies & Sensitivities

Food Allergy Sensitivities

Many people have sensitivities to foods they eat. we can provide testing and services to identify and mitigate those foods negatively affecting her patients.

IV & Injection Therapy

IV Therapy

We can provide services for people seeking an infusion of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements to stimulate weight loss, support immune system etc.

Acupuncture & Biopuncture Therapy

Biopuncture Therapy

Our Providers leverage the Eastern medical philosophy of chi and blood flow to stimulate a healing response.



Our Doctors offer homeopathic treatments for a variety of ailments. Learn more about what homeopathic medicine is and why it is used.



Water can be very healing. For those seeking active lifestyle recovery and/or injury and stress therapy, hydrotherapy offers many benefits.

General Lab Services

Lab Testing

We collect specimens in-house for all necessary medical testing. This allows for a quicker understanding and diagnosis of any ailments.

Specialty Lab Services

Specialty Labs

We collect specimens in house for all specialty lab testing. This can include adrenal, digestive, cholesterol, hormonal and food allergy testing.

Nutritional Supplements

Natural Supplements Vitamins

Our office offers pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements which can help supplement your naturopathic lifestyle.

Prescription Medications

Prescription Medication

If necessary, our Doctors will leverage our medical training to decide if prescription medication is needed to treat her patients disease.

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