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At Health for Life Naturopathic Medicine, I feel I have finally found a doctor who cares and listens in Dr. Krystal Tellier. I arrived for my initial appointment 20 minutes early, and I was pleasantly surprised when I was taken back for my appointment a few minutes early. My initial patient exam was 90 minutes, and Dr. Tellier spent the entire 90 minutes with me. She thoroughly reviewed my health history, current health and nutrition, and she worked with me to create a treatment plan. When she recommended blood tests and supplements, she clearly explained the options and discussed why she was making the recommendations. They conveniently draw your blood for lab tests at the office. And not only is it convenient, Dr. Tellier's medical assistant, Denea, is kind and very skilled. She drew my blood on the first stick (which is not normally my experience with phlebotomists). Denea made the draw quick and painless.

On subsequent appointments, I have continued to be impressed by the timeliness, kindness and quality of care I have received by Dr. Tellier and Denea. They empower you to be a partner in your health care. All I can really say is a big Thank You.

Amanda C.

Before After Weightloss Almost seven months ago I was nearing the 300-lbs mark and I made a promise to myself that I would never reach that. So under the watchful eye of Dr Tellier, I started what would become 3 sessions of the HCG Diet injections. In that 7-month span I have fixed a variety of food-based allergies, joint pains, and gallbladder attacks—all as a result of this program. What’s even better is that I’ve developed a healthier approach to eating and maintaining my weight. Dr Tellier and her staff are the kindest medical professionals I have ever had the pleasure to meet. They were truly caring and supporting of me in this endeavor. Thank you all so much!


Dr. Krystal Tellier was a huge asset to my pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Throughout my pregnancy, I felt educated, prepared, healthy and strong due to the support, information and advice provided to me by Dr. Tellier. She took the time and energy to ensure that my husband and I were mentally and physically prepared for the challenge of labor. When I went into labor, Dr. Tellier’s support allowed us to feel confident during a time when we did not know what to expect. After experiencing some complications during my delivery, my son Colin had to taken to the NICU for evaluation. Before he was taken to the NICU, Dr. Tellier ensured that I had the opportunity to hold, bond, speak to and kiss my son before he was taken to be evaluated. My husband is convinced that my son was returned to me so quickly because of the persistence of Dr. Tellier in the NICU. Because of this, Colin and I were able to establish an early and strong breastfeeding relationship. I would highly recommend Dr. Tellier to anyone I know that is pregnant.

Colin's mom, A.O.

I'm a first-time mother and can thankfully share my son's birth story with pride and joy. Our very first prenatal appointment with Dr. Tellier set the tone for my entire pregnancy-- it was one of celebration for every miracle milestone and confidence in the choices I made (and continue to make) as a parent. Our loving Dr. Tellier provided us with the knowledge we needed to feel peaceful about our choice for a home birth. She also took interest in our over all well-being as a family; so it was if the whole family was going in for a prenatal, not just the little one. Holistic made total sense to us since all variables factor into the experience of ones pregnancy which the average western doctor may not highlight. Her guidance was always comprehensive, informative, and enlightening. She always gave us her time and total attention. We have since moved to California and since she can't clone herself, we've asked that Dr. Tellier to be our designated Doctor whenever we visit Phoenix. What can I say? We totally adore her.

Love, Lisa & Adri

I was recommended to see Dr Krystal Tellier after seeing a several doctors regarding infertility and health concerns. After 7 years of trying to conceive,and only 2 years in her care, Dr Tellier helped deliver our baby girl on June 30. I have also been able to overcome a series of debilitating symptoms including abdominal pain, headaches, skin problems and loss of energy. She is an extraordinary doctor who empowers you with options to make your own decisions. She is honest, genuine, friendly, doesn't speak down to you, gives you respect and keeps her appointment times! Without Dr Tellier, I wouldn't have my health or my family. We love her and are grateful to have found someone to care for us as she does.

Kenny & Kristin Byers

My wife and I hired Dr. Tellier as our primary physician and midwife to deliver our son, initially with the intent to deliver him at our home. Dr. Tellier's calm and professional demeanor was tremendously comforting to us as first time expecting parents. Dr. Tellier was thorough, and patiently answered every little question. The first eight months of my wife's pregnancy were nearly perfect. Dr. Tellier was always available and always responsive. Most importantly her deep knowledge of her profession provided us with the utmost confidence in our care. Upon reaching full term, we learned of a rare and unexpected complication. Late on a Friday afternoon, after receiving blood test results, Dr. Tellier strongly recommended transferring our care to the hospital. Despite our emotional desire to deliver at home, we listened to our doctor's advice and immediately went to the hospital. Dr. Tellier's presence at the hospital was critical and the greatest blessing we could have asked for. Dr. Tellier helped us make informed decisions and guided us through an emotional and difficult situation. Ultimately, my wife gave birth to a healthy and happy baby boy. Dr. Tellier continues to serve as the primary physician for our entire family and continues to provide incredible care.


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