Naturopathic Prenatal Care

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Prenatal Natural Care

Prenatal Natural Care Naturopathic medicine supports you caring for your most precious gift! We provide complete naturopathic prenatal care. Our doctors work closely with you to provide the support you need during this precious time in life for both you and your baby. You can begin prenatal care as soon as you find out that you are pregnant.

The care we provide will be in conjunction with your Obstetrician/OB or your midwife. We do not participate in home births nor can we assist at the hospital with the birth of your child. Our doctors can help you find the right midwife/Obstetrician for your family.

Prenatal Appointments

The first prenatal appointment is an hour long. At this appointment and consecutive appointments, we can provide nutritional support, including pre-natal recommendation, advanced laboratory testing, natural childbirth and lactation support discussions, pregnancy symptom management, fitness regimens, fetal heart rates, and belly measurements. We can also do a blood test to determine the fetal sex and the most common genetic disorders.

You will also speak with the doctor about your personal medical history, the other parent's medical history, and your family’s medical history. The doctor will give you a complete checkup, this normally consists of a physical exam and a urine test to make sure you are healthy.

Frequent conditions our doctors see during pregnancy include thyroid issues, gestational diabetes, acid reflux, fatigue, insomnia, morning sickness, hemorrhoids, and anxiety. We can provide hydration IVs at the doctor’s discretion, which is of the utmost of importance during pregnancy, as well as homeopathy and acupuncture. Acupuncture can relieve back pain and help with stress, insomnia, anxiety, and can be used to induce labor.

Pediatric Care

Pediatric Natural Care Once your child is born, we can provide you with your child’s healthcare needs! We routinely see newborns here at the office. We can do heel stick newborn screening’s called PKU’s. These tests look for birth defects. After your child has become established here at the practice, we will be sure to get all of their well child checks scheduled. We will be screening for developmental milestones and much more! When you bring your baby in for the well child checks, there will always be a physical exam and you will get growth charts. As they grow, we will start doing eye exams in office too. The doctor will review with you where the child is at on their growth and if you need to make any nutritional changes. We can help with dietary counseling for your baby, toddler, teen and even continue care when they become an adult!

Pre-conception Care

Naturopathic medicine’s integrative philosophy sees the importance of health from conception to birth. Our doctors can help you with conception questions and nutritional counseling for optimal pre-conception conditions. Our doctors can evaluate fertility and will help support your fertility journeys. You doctor may also order hormone testing based off your cycle. Testing and counseling can even be provided to your partner. Once these results come in, they can give treatment plan recommendations to try to help you and your partner conceive. We will be happy to take any medical records in advance from previous doctors to add to your chart.

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