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Why Naturopathic Doctors are Becoming the Preferred Whole Family Care Physicians

Why Naturopathic Doctors are Becoming the Preferred Whole Family Care Physicians

35314574Naturopathic doctors (NDs) are medical professionals who receive training in the same subjects as

medical doctors (MDs). They learn about the same diagnostic tests and examination technologies that

MDs do, although they do not attend major surgeries as part of their training. Naturopathic doctors use

the therapeutic order in treatments, beginning with basic health care in the form of improvements in

diet, exercise, and mental health, and then add more complicated treatments as needed depending on

the medical issue at hand. Here are a few reasons why NDs are becoming preferred family physicians.


1. Naturopathic Doctors Work with the Whole Family

NDs take a holistic, system-wide approach to health, beginning with the patient and their

lifestyle and encompassing the people that influence them, largely their families. It is extremely

beneficial for the same ND to work with each family member to get a better view of what is

going on in the family, from both preventative health and treatment perspectives.


2. They Consider the Individual and Their Environment When Diagnosing Problems

When treating a patient, a naturopathic doctor begins by asking about the health basics. They

look into the patient’s diet and exercise practices, they consider the patient’s emotional health,

and look at the patient’s environmental influences, seeking trouble spots that could be causing


3. They Spend More Time With Patients

Because they start every appointment with a conversation with the patient, NDs spend

considerably more time with each person. This allows them to get to know each other as

individuals, develop a real relationship, and build trust, essential for effective medical care. This

effect is amplified if the whole family has a relationship with the same doctor.


4. They Can Write Prescriptions for Medication and Order Tests

If a health problem cannot be managed by lifestyle adjustments, naturopathic doctors are

licensed to write prescriptions for medication. NDs are also able to order any test an MD can,


5. They Work with Medical Doctors When Specialists are Needed

Naturopathic doctors can refer patients to surgeons, oncologists, and any other medical

specialist if further expertise is needed for diagnosis. NDs work with other doctors to make sure

their patients receive the best medical care possible.

Naturopathic doctors take a holistic approach to health care, treating a patient from the ground up.

They develop relationships with their patients, and it is beneficial for the same ND to treat whole

families in order for them to have a complete picture of a family’s health issues.

May 19, 2016
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