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Biopuncture is a Natural Treatment for Sports Injuries

Biopuncture is a Natural Treatment for Sports Injuries

rower in training

rower in training

Treat Sports Injuries With Biopuncture


If you suffer a sports injury, it is good to know that you have options for treatment, and one of them is biopuncture. This is a procedure whereby small needles are used to inject botanical products into the skin or muscle. The plant products commonly used are arnica, for muscle pain; echinacea, to increase the body’s natural defense system, and others depending on the type of injury that is present.


How it Works


Scientists believe that biopuncture injections stimulate the immune system, which is your defense system. Typically, traditional vaccinations work the same way. The injections are quite safe because only highest-quality, diluted botanical products are used. Most ampoules are produced by German companies, which are held to very strict quality control regulations.


Faster Injury Recovery


Perhaps the most surprising benefit of biopuncture treatment is that there is no down time after you receive the injection, and no recovery time required. You may need weekly injections for a while, but many patients see noticeable improvement after three to six sessions. Among the sports injuries that can be helped with these botanical injections are:


  • Knee injuries
  • Ankle sprains
  • Tennis elbow
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle strain and tears
  • Rotator cuff injury


Comparison With Traditional Treatment


You are probably used to taking drugs, such as anti-flammatories, that start to work right away, suppressing your symptoms. However, when they wear off you will need to take more to reduce your pain. With biopuncture, small doses of botanical products are injected to start the healing process, which comes from your body, not from the products themselves. Natural healing begins because your immune system reacts, producing results such as tissue repair, muscle relaxation and improved blood circulation.


The Right Site for Treatment


Biopuncture injections are administered either directly to the painful area or to trigger points. An MRI scan may give direction. Your arm pain, for example, might be treated with an injection into the shoulder muscle. As sessions continue, the doctor may also adjust the combination of products being provided, change the injection site or begin working on the injury at a deeper level.


Recovering From Fresh Injuries


Recovery from older injuries may seem slow, but the injured tissues simply require more time to heal. When you have a sports injury, your body is dealing with something fresh and new and you may notice immediate improvement after the first injection because your immune system is working properly. Pain in the knee, shoulder or Achilles tendon responds well to biopuncture treatment.

June 20, 2016
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