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ADHD from the Alternative Pediatrician Scottsdale View

ADHD from the Alternative Pediatrician Scottsdale View

Blue Weights, Green Apple, and Tape MeasureNatural Remedies For Children With ADD and or ADHD

Most children are naturally very active and impulsive, with very short attention spans, but when these behaviors go beyond what is common for the average child, they may be indicators of attention deficit disorder, commonly known as ADD or ADHD. Left untreated, ADD/ADHD can result in difficulties in school, poor grades, and inadequate social skills that cause problems now and later in life.

If you are concerned that your child may be suffering from this disorder, but you are also concerned about using traditional methods for treating the disease—since most physicians will prescribe medication as the first option—visiting an alternative pediatrician Scottsdale office may be a better decision for you.

Alternative pediatrician Scottsdale practitioners are skilled in providing tools and natural methods that can be used as the first choice for dealing with ADD/ADHD symptoms in children, reserving medication as the backup plan or in cases where it becomes an emergency. In most cases, a naturopathic physician will try to avoid medication if possible by prescribing non-drug treatments that can help children remain balanced, focused, and calm.

One of the first things an alternative pediatrician will likely address is diet. A diet that is low in sugars and other high glycemic foods, while also providing adequate levels of protein and fat, can help stabilize blood sugar and ensure children are eating the right foods throughout the day. The physician may also counsel parents to be prepared with high protein snacks that will offer nourishment rather than high levels of sugar.  Avoiding foods with added chemicals, food dyes, and preservatives is also a good idea.  Eating a whole foods diet is most beneficial and considering food allergens or food sensitivities are important to consider as well.

Another important routine the practitioner from your alternative pediatrician in Scottsdale may recommend regulating is sleep. Many children in the U.S. suffer from inadequate sleep, which can be a risk factor that contributes to ADD/ADHD. If a child has difficulty sleeping, a naturopathic physician may recommend using the natural hormone melatonin to induce sleep, ensuring that your children get at least the recommended 8 hours of sleep each night.

During the day, finding ways for a child to release energy and relax is also important for controlling symptoms of ADD/ADHD. Your alternative pediatrician Scottsdale provider may recommend getting your child on a regular exercise routine that includes both physically active components as well as meditative components such as yoga. Finding ways to be active with your children is a great way to get in your own recommended daily dose of exercise as well, which can help relieve your stress and improve your health.

Other therapy options would be to use herbs, amino acids and vitamins to help create calming hormones for the child.  Your alternative pediatrician may recommend testing to check for hormone imbalances that make your child more likely to suffer from attention or impulse issues.

When the child is at home, the environment should be focused on maintaining calm and consistency. This may mean limiting the amount of time a child spends watching television and playing video games, and increasing the time spent on focused activities that parents and children can do together, such as reading or crafts.


If your child is still struggling after implementing some of these options, your alternative pediatrician Scottsdale practitioner may also recommend therapy, including group work, behavioral, and cognitive therapy. Insight from a therapist can provide tools to help the child cope with symptoms and learn methods for dealing with some of the behaviors that accompany ADD/ADHD in children.


When it comes to ADD/ADHD in children, it does not only have negative effects. There are also many positive behaviors that these children exhibit, such as high levels of creativity, enthusiasm, energy and drive to get things done, and spontaneity.


With the right tools, parents with children who suffer from ADD/ADHD can be prepared to deal with the symptoms and help children work through difficult times to unlock their full potential.

April 17, 2012
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