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Supporting Thyroid Naturally With Diet, Herbs And Natural Glandular Thyroid

Pill TreatmentThe thyroid can be somewhat of a mystery. People are always wondering if their thyroid is functioning normal or if they have some sort of thyroid disease. They may be concerned when they feel tired or start gaining weight. This can be a sign of hypothyroidism. However, if you have hyperthyroidism, the symptoms may include increased heart rate, palpitations, sweating, nervousness and insomnia. It’s important to get a blood test to find out if you have a normal functioning thyroid or not. Don’t assume your weight gain or sluggishness is due to your thyroid, always seek medical advice to be sure. In order to get your thyroid under control you can change your diet, take herbs and start using naturopathic medicine.

If you are not having any thyroid problems but still want to ensure your thyroid is supported and working like it should, there are things you can take to help support it naturally. Your diet plays a big part in controlling your thyroid.

Foods that are rich in iodine help support the thyroid. Without enough iodine in your blood, the thyroid does not function properly. Seawood is a great example of a food that contains iodine and can support your thyroid. Coconut oil and shellfish also support the thyroid by stimulating thyroid hormone production. As with any food, it should be consumed in moderation. You don’t want to take in too much iodine.

You can also turn to herbs to help with your thyroid function. There are many herbs that can help support the thyroid when taken in addition to a healthy diet. Herbs such as echinacea can aid the thyroid and promote healthy function. Echinacea is also good for the immune system and making it stronger. Another herb to consider is eleuthero. This can help people with both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism by helping to control their stress levels. Bladderwrack is another herb but is for people with hypothyroidism. When taken in combination with a healthy diet and other herbs, this can help restore their health. Ask your naturopathic doctor about Bladderwrack. In some instances, people have been able to stop taken their synthetic thyroid medicine altogether to take this along with naturopathic medicine. Ashwagandha is another herb for people suffering from different thyroid or autoimmune problems. This herb helps control stress levels and also supports a healthy immune system.

Something else that can help support healthy thyroid function is natural glandular thyroid. Glandular supplements can help people with thyroid conditions regain their normal thyroid levels, health and overall well being. Just make sure you look for a product made of natural and high quality ingredients. Look for glandulars that are made from grass fed animals that have not been fed hormones or antibiotics. You can find natural glandular thyroid in tablet or capsule form. Talk to a doctor about the different types of naturopathic medicine that can help control your thyroid naturally without the use of prescription medication.

The right combination of diet, herbs and natural glandular thyroid supplements can be the best thing to support your thyroid for healthy and normal function.

September 26, 2012
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