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Food Is an Effective Medicine

With the knowledge that doctors have today, it is no wonder that we are always looking for a quick fix or fast cure to what ails us. In truth, not all medicine will give us the relief we want or need. Our bodies are made to heal themselves and when given the proper tools to do so, we are successful in achieving optimal health through the help of a holistic doctor Phoenix who can guide you.

clinical-nutritionA holistic doctor Phoenix will look at your body in its current state, analyze what you eat, your family history, and give you a proven path to wellness. A natural approach to our body’s health can be a great place to start with our optimal health goals. When you can be proactive about your health, you will see a noticeable difference in your health and you will avoid needing prescription medicines. Many times the medicine itself can help what is ailing you but then the side effects it produces may be greater than the benefit they may have provided.

If you have ever taken a prescription medicine, you were probably a bit nervous when your doctor explained all the negative side effects that may cause their own plethora of problems. One of the most common examples is with an anti-depressant drug. Sometimes the drug itself may cause the problems it is supposed to cure. Our bodies all react differently to medications and there is no guarantee that your body will react to the medicine the way it is supposed to and it may be too late before you recognize the damage it has done. There is rarely any harm done with taking herbs and vitamins that our bodies won’t flush out and return back to their natural state. When you are under the care of a holistic doctor Phoenix, you will be under careful scrutiny to make sure you are getting the right dosage.

When you take vitamins, herbs, and other supplements, you may need to take more than the recommended amount because you deficient in that area. Once your levels have increased and your levels are back to normal, not only will you feel better but you won’t need to take the higher dosage. This is where a holistic doctor Phoenix will be invaluable to you. They can take the blood work and run the tests to see where your levels are currently and see if you are deficient. They are a medical doctor that combines the natural approach along with the standard medical approach.

Many people in the world have imbalances within their bodies, either too much or too little of an element. Our bodies are like machines and too much or too little of one thing can harm the engines. You wouldn’t expect a vehicle to run without oil or too much coolant in it so why do we expect our bodies to run on the wrong levels. When you are under the care of a holistic doctor Phoenix, you will have a body in balance. A body in balance is a healthy body and that is everyone’s goal, a healthy body that will allow us to enjoy life.

October 10, 2012
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