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Benefits of IV Nutrient Therapy

Benefits of IV Nutrient Therapy

The mere thought of a needle in your arm may make you queasy or conjure up a memory of being sick and needing to have an IV in your arm. Not too often is an IV thought of as a positive thing but rather a way to get pain medicines or other medicines because you are sick and need the pain relief. There are other effective uses an IV drip or bag that don’t necessarily mean you are sick or in the hospital. If you visit a homeopathic doctor Phoenix, you may have an IV attached to you for several minutes.


A homeopathic doctor in Phoenix will take an evaluation of your current health status, your diet, your family history, and by looking at various places on your body. By looking at areas such as your hair, nails, tongue, and even your muscle flexibility, the doctor can decide if you are deficient in any area. They may take blood work to figure out why you are feeling a certain way. For example, if you are feeling extreme fatigue, you may be deficient in iron or other necessary minerals and you’ll need to be replenished quickly. This can be done with an IV nutrient therapy under the care of a homeopathic doctor Phoenix.

family-of-fourMost people are deficient in some areas because of their overall diet and lack of a vitamin supplement. This can be remedied over time and they won’t need to have an IV placed in them. The deficiency isn’t serious so just taking a supplement will be the help they need. They may need to start off with a higher amount until they are back to the appropriate levels but it is not life threatening. In other situations, a person may be so deficient that there life is in danger. This is usually the result of an injury, surgery, or an inability to digest certain minerals. When they are this deficient, the best way to get them healthy is to have a homeopathic doctor Phoenix who will provide them with an IV nutrient therapy. This therapy will go directly into their body and bypass the digestive system. This is especially helpful if a person cannot tolerate vitamins or their body has trouble digesting certain foods that are needed by the body.


The IV nutrient therapy will give you a boost of vitamins which can help your body heal faster. When you have a deficiency and undergo surgery or an injury, your body may take a lot longer to heal because it doesn’t have the tools it needs to do so. Our bodies are made to heal themselves but our diets and the prescription medicines we take can hinder them from working at their optimal levels. Some medicines will deplete our bodies of the natural vitamins and minerals present and if that continues over time, we can experience a variety of health issues that are not related to the original problem. This is why people who start taking a prescription medicine usually wind up taking more and more rather than being cured of the original problem. The only way to get back to normal is by having a homeopathic doctor Phoenix evaluate your situation. The IV treatment can rebalance the body and give it a chance to heal itself while not introducing any foreign medicines or causing harmful side effects.


October 17, 2012
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