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Post-Workout Nutrition and Daily Training

Today I reflect on the importance of eating healthy throughout the day (More importantly the timing of nutrition.) I don’t claim to be an expert by any sense of the term; however I can remember what I learned through First Line Therapy (FLT) three years ago when I dropped from 215 pounds, and learned of all of my food intolerances. In the fall of 2011, I had food allergy testing done which indicated I was intolerant to gluten, wheat, egg white and yolk, black beans, and all cow dairy. Yikes! What to eat??? At the same time, I began FLT under the guidance of Dr. Krystal Tellier. What I learned was that it was critical to eat meals throughout the day, never skimp on breakfast, and make sure you eat a TON of fruits and vegetables. Within a few months I dropped to 180 pounds, and couldn’t have been happier. I was knee deep in triathlon training and fell in love with the endurance sporting community.

Why is all of this important? As I continue on my journey to compete in Ironman, timing nutrition after a hard workout is critical! There can be consequences later in the day which are a result of poor decisions post-workout. After my stomp session on the indoor trainer, I foam rolled, drank a recovery shake from the Vitamix within 30 minutes, and then went off to work. By 10am, I had eaten my entire lunch except for veges, and was unfortunately ravenous by the time I left the office. The result? I skipped my evening swim which I normally do Tuesday nights in exchange for food! While I feel guilty, I reflect on all of the many lessons I have learned, and this is one that I seem to make time and time again. Note to self- Eat a HEARTY breakfast which will replenish calories lost post-workout. Maybe putting my habits onto the interweb will force me to hold myself accountable. Until tomorrow….

Morning indoor trainer biking session.
10 min easy warm up
10 min power increase @ 133 average watts with 124 average heart rate
10 min stomp @ 193 watts and 146 bpm
10 min high cadence recovery spin @ 127 watts and 135 bpm
10 min stomp @ 199 watts and 154 bpm
10 min high cadence recovery spin @ 119 watts and 137bpm
Total : 1:00 @ 160 watts Normalized Power and 133 bpm

-Paul Tellier

April 24, 2014
Posted by Paul Tellier
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