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Ironman Training

Yesterday began day one of formal preparation for 2014 Ironman Arizona! Knowing that Ironman training is quite the involved process, I am looking forward to taking my health and fitness to another level over the next 30 weeks. As the old saying goes, “What gets measured gets managed.” I could not agree more with this, and was excited to be able to use Health for Life’s body composition scale. Coming in at 171 pounds, and 9.3% body fat, I feel like I am in a great position to keep building my base throughout the next several months. My plan is to measure my body composition every four weeks, and chart my progress and fitness along the way. I look forward to posting about my adventures and lessons learned, and most importantly, sharing the wonderful ways that naturopathic medicine can help endurance athletes of all levels!

I am alternating my weeks as run specific weeks and bike specific weeks. Muscular endurance is a limiter for me on the bike, so I hope to build a great endurance base early in the season so I can focus on muscular endurance as I get closer to race day.

This week is a run specific week.

Morning session: Zone 2 run for 1:15; Avg HR was 145; 7.6 miles
Evening session: 2500 meter swim (50 minutes)
500 meter warm up
4x (50 ankle pull buoy, 100 free, 50 ankle pull buoy, 50 kick with fins)
250 free
5x 100 with fins
250 cool down

Nightcap: Recovery foam roll and gluteus minimus and medius exercises before bed.

Morning session: Zone 2 run for 1:15; Avg HR was 144; 7.4 miles

Nightcap: Proverbial foam roller and glute/hip work before bed.

-Paul Tellier

April 23, 2014
Posted by Paul Tellier
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