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Naturopathic Physician Scottsdale Natural Lifestyle

Naturopathic Physician Scottsdale Natural Lifestyle

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Many naturopathic physician Scottsdale providers recommend a number of common herbs and supplements to enhance your well being and physical health.  Some of these may include the use of Echinacea which is known for strengthening the immune system or glucosamine which helps to treat joint degradation or inflammation.  It is a well known fact that Bilberry and Lutein can help to enhance eyesight and that garlic can help to manage high cholesterol.  They also suggest taking flaxseed and fish oil in order to fortify the health of your brain as well as your skin and joints and heart health.

These supplements are recommended to patients, but are not to be used as a replacement for proper nutrition and exercising daily.  They are meant to help support a healthy lifestyle and are beneficial when they are taken under the proper care and supervision of a naturopathic physician Scottsdale provider.

These naturopathic physicians know the benefits of supplements and herbal medicine, but they also know that they can be potentially dangerous if they are used improperly. They can interact with other medications that you may be taking and can have severe reactions.  Remedies need to be carefully chosen and approved by your naturopathic physician Scottsdale provider so that you don’t have any herb or drug interactions.

Naturopathic physician Scottsdale providers can also give you helpful advice on red meat consumption, especially if you have an increased risk for stroke, heart disease or elevated cholesterol.  If you suffer from obesity or inflammation then consuming too much red meat can be a problem.  Naturopathic physicians say to avoid food with excessive amounts of saturated fat because they are pro-inflammatory and they aggravate your hormonal balance.  They recommend that you eat pasture fed or grass fed meat because it is lower in pesticides and it also will contain more omega 3 fats with are anti-inflammatory.

Naturopathic physician Scottsdale providers also advise you to avoid excessive amounts of refined carbs which can include white bread, pastas, potatoes and anything with sugar in it.  They teach that you will be healthier if you eat a balanced diet with fresh fruit and veggies and eat organic eggs and lean red meat and chicken.  It is also important to drink at least 2 liters of spring water each day to stay hydrated.

Doctors also recommend that you take a mineral supplement and a multivitamin daily to help your nervous system function properly and it is also important to detoxify your body under the supervision of a naturopathic physician to rid your body of harmful chemicals and heavy metals so that you can improve your liver function and decrease depression.  Always remember that moderation in all things and balance are the key to a healthy lifestyle and that if you take the time to eat right and avoid harmful toxins, you will be able to live a full and healthy life.


Don’t let another day go by without making an appointment with your local naturopathic physician.  They can help you to increase you healthy and can recommend vital supplements and vitamins that will help you to live a longer and healthier life.

April 3, 2012
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