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Our bodies take in a lot of toxins throughout our daily lives through air, cleaning chemicals, foods and our general environments.  Many health problems can stem from all these toxins polluting our bodies.  Possible health problems include cancer, asthma, neurological and reproductive disorders.  We come in contact with these toxins more often then we may even realize.  They are in everything, such as water, air, foods, cleaning products, beauty products, plastics, and pesticides.  It seems toxins are everywhere!  Our bodies are built with a natural ability to detoxify but with the extreme concentration of toxins we encounter today, it is important to help our body with the detoxification process and help our body clean itself out.  There are some simple ways that we can make changes and begin the detoxification process.

One way to begin the detoxification process is to invest in an air purifier for your home.  An in home air purifier will help remove dust and allergens and help keep your home the safe sanctuary it should be.  By eliminating airborn toxins you can help your lungs rest and recuperate.  You and your family spend a lot of time in your home, you air should be the best quality possible to keep your family health.

clinical-nutritionThe next important step is to make changes in your diet.  By eating organic as much as possible you can drastically reduce the toxins you ingest.  Organic foods you should focus on should be dairy, eggs and meats because they carry the largest amount of environmental toxins.  For produce, there is a great resource you can find online called the “Dirty Dozen.”  This resources will keep you informed on what produce you should try to buy organic and which ones are less important.  When detoxifying your body, you should also try to avoid processed foods.  Processed foods most often contain artificial dyes, flavors and preservatives, additives, chemicals and artificial sweeteners.  A few tips for choosing the right food to put in your body include shopping the perimeter of the grocery store and avoiding the middle section as much as possible, also, read ingredient lists and choose foods with only a few ingredients and with ingredient names you can pronounce and recognize.  You should also avoid sugar, caffeine and alcohol because your liver has to work extra hard to break them down.  As always, you should drink a lot of water.

Lastly, you should exercise and sweat because sweat is a great way to eliminate harmful toxins from your body.  A naturopathic doctor can recommend if any herbal supplements are needed.  A naturopathic doctor can also recommend if you should consider a colon cleanse.  Most importantly, you should always detox under the supervision of a doctor.  Your body may go through many changes and a naturopathic doctor can guide you through the detoxification process properly.  By detoxifying your body you will allow it to reset, rejuvenate and start fresh with the healthiest body possible.

November 14, 2012
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