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Benefits of Naturopathic Manipulative Therapy

            If you have never seen a naturopathic doctor you may be unfamiliar with many of the treatments available to you.  When experiencing chronic pain you will look anywhere for relief.  Unfortunately, when suffering chronic pain many are often prescribed strong narcotis and sent on their way but the whole body is not treated, just the symptom.  Naturopathic manipulative therapy is an integral part of naturpathic medicine.  Naturopathic manipulative therapy is the treatment of all body tissues and structures by using massage, touch, physical therapy, applied kinesiology, and spinal manipulation.  It benefits the spine, joints and soft tissue and can help the effects of chronic disease as well as treat symptoms from neck, back, sports and motor vehicle injuries.  It is a treatment that creates a physical release within the body.  It is a way to create whole body wellness and proper functions of all the systems in the body and it is crucial to overall health.  Doctors are supposed to be healers and this is one way that doctors can truly “heal with their hands.”  Naturopathic manipulative therapy produces positive effects on the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems.  This type of physical medicine can encourage metabolic function, maintain core strength, prevent bone loss, prevent injury, improve flexibility, and can also help improve posture and balance. 

            When seeing a naturopathic doctor, there is a whole body approach to overall wellness with a belief that a properly functioning areas of the body can effect other functions of the body.  By treating and healing with touch, an overall wellness can be achieved.  Any sort of musculoskeletal dysfunction, such as misalignment of the vertebrae in the spine, can benefit from naturopathic manipulative therapy.  A qualified naturopathic doctor will be able to provide naturopathic manipulative therapy as often as needed.  This type of therapy is the manipulative treatment of the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, scar tissue and visceral organs.  Specific areas of treatment include the spine, cranium, thoraco-abdominal cavity and extremities.  They can asses your whole body and overall wellness and determine a path of treatment involving natural techniques.  Naturopathic manipulative therapy can also help treat fibromyalgia, joint or muscle aches and pains, and headaches.  This form of healing touch can have long lasting results.  If you suffer from chronic aches and pains or headaches, instead of having to take pills around the clock, you can seek alternative treatments that will treat your whole body. 

            When suffering chronic pain, headaches or discomfort for whatever reason, you should consider alternative treatments to traditional medicine.  Rather than getting involved with dangerous prescription medication that can possibly form addiction, there are wholistic approaches that can treat your whole body and offer long lasting results.  A qualified naturopathic doctor can provide relief through naturopathic manipulative therapy and help you find the comfort and whole body health you have been seeking.

November 21, 2012
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