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Natural Acne Treatment Scottsdale Doctor
Natural Acne Treatment Scottsdale Doctor

Natural Acne Treatment Scottsdale Doctor

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If you suffer from acne, perhaps you should consult a natural doctor Scottsdale clinic. There are many natural remedies that effectively treat acne. Consulting a specialist will help you determine if one of these treatments is right for you.

First, you may be wondering what, exactly, acne is. Though you may know that acne is a skin condition, what you might not know is how acne appears. Put simply, acne results when your skin pores get blocked. Natural oils produced by your body are generally the cause of acne, but pore blockage could also be blocked by other things such as dirt. Once the blockage occurs, bacteria starts to grow underneath the surface. There are two forms of acne: non-inflammatory acne (resulting in whiteheads or blackheads) and inflammatory acne (where the pores become inflamed). Acne can be problematic because physically, facial sores can be painful and irritating, but more damaging can be the psychological effects of acne. Though acne is commonly thought of as an adolescent ailment, many adults suffer from acne as well. Many people with severe acne become inhibited by their appearance. These people prefer to avoid others and are embarrassed about the way their skin appears. For most people, acne is prevalent on their face. Others become embarrassed about acne on other parts of their body, such as on their shoulders or back. Fortunately, there are a number of remedies for combating severe acne.


Many mainstream doctors and dermatologists will prescribe ointments or medications for treating acne. For many people, this course of action is successful and they see no known side affects from using such treatments or medications. Others, however, are unable to find success in these treatments or find that the side affects of such remedies are not worth it. Some people choose to bypass mainstream doctors and dermatologists and treat their acne at home. However, many of these people indulge in common misconception that washing properly will solve their acne problem. These people over wash or scrub too hard in an attempt to get rid of their acne. Others will use soaps that are much too harsh for their skin. Still, others try to hide their acne altogether by covering it with heavy face makeup, which will only exacerbate the problem. Your Naturopathic Doctor can help you pick out good facial products that won’t worsen acne or add toxins into your body.


Fortunately, there are other natural proven methods suggested for treating acne. A growing trend is to treat acne with naturopathy. Natural doctor Scottsdale clinics provide solutions for dealing with acne, but more importantly, they look to the root of the problem, diagnose the causes of your acne, and approach treatment of acne naturally and individually. Through naturopathy, doctors have discovered that each person’s acne—both the cause of and treatment of—are unique. A natural doctor Scottsdale clinic can help you identify which part of the endocrine system is responsible for causing your acne and determine which treatment methods work best for you.


Natural doctor Scottsdale clinics may offer suggestions for improving your overall health, which will, in turn improve your acne. Such suggestions include drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet high in fruits, vegetables, and omega-3 oils and low in sugar, processed foods, trans fats, and hydrogenated oils. In addition, regular exercise can help flush toxins out of your body. Other solutions natural doctor Scottsdale clinics might recommend include the use of herbs and vitamins and minerals. A Naturopathic Doctor will want to look at your hormonal and digestive health to determine if there are imbalances that need correcting.  Liver cleansing is also another important part of skin health, since the skin is an organ of excretion of toxins.  Each of these methods have been proven effective and many people continue using these natural methods of treating acne today. Perhaps you would benefit from seeing a natural doctor who specializes in this type of acne treatment.

June 2, 2012
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