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Primary Care Physician Phoenix Alternative Fever Control
Primary Care Physician Phoenix Alternative Fever Control

Primary Care Physician Phoenix Alternative Fever Control

Ways to Manage CareAlternative Ways To Manage Fevers
There may be times when you can’t get to your primary care physician Phoenix and you have a family member that is running fever.  If you are not one to use over the counter medications there are some other things you can do to help manage the fever.
If you are measuring someone’s body temperature by mouth the normal body temperature should be around 98.6 degrees F.  For someone to be considered to have a fever their temperature must be at least 100 degrees F.  A fever can be a symptom of a lot of different things such as an infection, an indication of the flu or dehydration.
Until you can get to your primary care physician Phoenix you can try an alternative therapy.  In many cases the alternative therapy may disagree with some doctors’ beliefs that a fever should be suppressed.  Alternative treatments go with the idea that a fever is a body’s way of fighting off an infection.  In alternative circles it is believed that a fever should be allowed to run its course.  Some of the alternative treatments will help to boost your immune system so that is it better able to fight the invaders that are causing the fever.
Your primary care physician Phoenix may or may not agree with you following homeopathic medicine when treating a fever.  The idea is to give the person diluted does of a natural substance which would, in a healthy person, produce a fever.  This will stimulate the body to work at stopping the cause of the fever.  By studying a person’s specific symptom a homeopath will be able to put together a treatment plan.  Some of the things that may be considered are if a dry heat accompanies the fever, one check is redder or warmer than the other, does the patient have a backache, and if the patient urinates does it make it better?  Some of the common plant based homeopathic remedies are belladonna, nux vomica, pulsatilla, and ferrum phosphoricum.
A herbal choice for reducing fever may be better accepted by your primary care physician Phoenix while you wait for your appointment.  To encourage your body into action and push to complete the fever process while strengthening your immune system is how herbs work.  Herbs that may induce sweating are yarrow, or black elder, you can try linden flowers, cayenne is something you may have in your cupboard, and boneset.  These herbs are often administered in teas.  Echinacea is a popular choice for enhancing the immune system.
There are other therapies that a primary care physician Phoenix may not agree with, but may help.  Some people find aromatherapy helpful.  Using essential oils of bergamot, or chamomile, or eucalyptus once diluted can be applied as a compress or simply inhaled.  Another therapy is ayurvedic medicine that incorporates a special short-term diet and herbal therapy.
In many alternative circles sweating is a good way to get rid of fevers.  Adults can get into a bath tub filled with warm water to help sweat out the fever.  Or it may be recommended to get into cooler water if the temperature is especially high.

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