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Kidney Stone Treatment And Prevention

Medicinal TreatmentKidney stones are known to be painful to pass, but there are some alternative medicine Phoenix ways to prevent kidney stones from happening.  With some dietary changes there is a good chance you can avoid kidney stones altogether.

There is a urine test that can be given that will determine what type of kidney stones you are more prone to get.  Based on that information your doctor should be able to work with you to develop a prevention and treatment plan.  These are some things that the alternative medicine Phoenix can endorse.

No matter what type of kidney stone you may have one recommendation across the board is to drink enough fluids so that you are excreting over a gallon of urine a day.  If you are drinking enough fluids the stone particles will be prevented from becoming supersaturated in your urine.  That is what happens directly before stones are formed.  Drinking more than a gallon of fluids a day will decrease the stone particles concentration in your urine as well as increase your urine flow rate.  It is also recommended by alternative medicine Phoenix that you should drink at night as well.

There are a few drinks you should avoid.  Limit or eliminate soda, especially colas, from your diet.  They contain phosphoric acid which is actually a stone inducer.  One study found that those who drank a liter per week of sodas that contain phosphoric acid had a higher rate of kidney stone recurrence in three years than those who drank other beverages.   Water is ultimately your best bet.

One of the most common types of kidney stones is the calcium oxalate stones.  The good news is that there are a lot of preventative alternative medicine Phoenix solutions.  Citrate is the major inhibitor of these types of stones.  You can use a citrate supplement to help make your urine more basic which will decrease the potential for stones to form.  Citrate is also present in citrus fruits.  If you mix four ounces of lemon juice, fresh squeezed would likely be the best, with two liters of water it has been shown to increase the citrate levels in urine.  Drinking lemonade all year round may be a good idea if you go easy on the sugar.

A promoter of calcium stones is urinary oxalate.  There are alternative medicine Phoenix solutions for this.  First decrease or eliminate foods high in oxalate.  The list is extensive but some of the more common foods include beer, chocolate milk, tea, nuts, different types of berries, and more.  You should do an internet search or talk to your doctor for a complete list.

You may have a genetic predisposition to kidney stones, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to help avoid them.  Working with your doctor to find out what type of kidney stones you are most likely to get will help you to change your diet so that you have a better chance of avoiding them.  You may want to talk to a nutritionist familiar with kidney stone research.

July 4, 2012
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