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Alternative Ways To Heart Disease Prevention


One of the most common conditions for heart problems is coronary heart disease where the arteries become clogged with plaque.  This prevents the heart muscle from receiving enough blood which causes the heart to weaken.  More focus is being put into what someone can do to keep the plaque from accumulating in the first place which would prevent the need for by-pass surgery and keep the heart strong.

One of the alternative medicine Phoenix approaches is meditation and exercise.  Research has found that people with hypertension that meditate for twenty minutes a day can increase blood flow to the heart and boost feelings of well-being.  The internet offers many suggestions on how to meditate.  One of the key elements is finding somewhere quiet to meditate, could be the biggest challenge.

If you watch any television at all you can’t miss the ads for prescribed medications.  Because of these ads and there listing of side effects, there is a growing concern within the general public in regards to the side effects of prescribed medications.  This has led people to look for alternative medicine Phoenix that eliminates all or most side effects.  Herbs have become an option with some research to support some of the claims.  There are some European studies that have confirmed that hawthorn berries reduce chest pain by widening the coronary arteries increasing blood circulation to the heart.  They were also found to help regulate abnormal heartbeats.  Hawthorne berries can be purchased in many different forms.

Other herbs that have been found to be helpful in alternative medicine Phoenix is garlic, it lowers cholesterol, in blood vessels it will reduce blood clotting, and it will also widen blood vessels.  Ginger will also reduce cholesterol and limits blood clotting.  Ginkgo helps to facilitate flood flow and will also lower blood pressure. More research is being done each day to find alternatives to traditional prescribed medications.  By following the right diet and eliminating things, such as smoking, that are known to cause heart disease and adding the right supplements you may be able to prevent heart disease.

Another of the alternative medicine Phoenix suggestions is to follow a vegetarian diet.  Studies have found that fewer vegetarians die from heart disease and they have lower levels of cholesterol especially the lipoprotein (bad) cholesterol.  If you going to a complete vegetarian diet is not something you want to do, eating foods that are unrefined, high in fiber, fresh foods, and truly organic food can help to prevent heart disease too.  Supplements that are suggested are:  L-carnitine, chromium, coenzyme Q10, magnesium, selenium, vitamin B6, and vitamin C.  An internet search will provide you with more information than you may be able to read in a year.  It may be a better choice to look for a doctor that is willing to work with you on developing an alternative health plan especially for you that will help in preventing heart disease.

June 27, 2012
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