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Fall Clean Up Detox Diets To Cleanse The Liver And Digestive Track

Fall Clean Up Detox Diets To Cleanse The Liver And Digestive Track

With so much of our American food processed and fried, it can do a real number on our liver when we eat too much of it. It takes longer for the liver to break down these types of foods and can cause our liver to work in overdrive. Any naturopathic doctor or regular physician will tell you that detoxing the liver every so often is a good idea for your health. It can give you more energy, better digestion, and an overall healthier body.

clinical-nutritionThere are many detox diets on the market today. Go to any health food store and you will find an entire aisle dedicated to cleansing the liver. Do research online and you will find dozens and dozens of links to the “latest and greatest” detox and liver cleanse diets around. Trying to decide which liver cleanse detox diet will be best for you can be confusing. Talk to a naturopathic doctor about what cleanse he or she recommends. While you are researching what cleanse you want to do, there are some simple changes you can make in your diet to jump start the detox process. Certain foods can help cleanse the liver and digestive track and get you ready for Fall. You may find you have increased energy and better digestive health. That can help you have a more productive day.

Start by adding a few things to your grocery list. Garlic. Garlic is great for cleansing the liver. It is a powerful antioxidant that can flush out toxins from your liver. It also contains high amounts of selenium which can help cleanse the liver.

The next item to pick up at the grocery store to start your detox diet to cleanse the liver and digestive track is grapefruit. It is high in vitamin C and has antioxidants that help naturally cleanse the liver. Even just a small amount of grapefruit juice can work wonders on detoxing your liver.

Beets and Carrots are two great foods that can also help in your detox diet. They contain flavonoids and beta carotene. Both of these can help improve overall liver function.

Green tea is another thing your naturopathic doctor may recommend that you add to your grocery list. This powerful antioxidant drink contains catechins which aids in normal liver function. In addition to the green tea, there are a few other greens you should add to your diet. Leafy green vegetables and avocados. Leafy greens are high in plant chlorophylls which rid the body of environmental toxins and help cleanse the liver. You can eat the veggies raw, steamed or juiced. Just make sure to eat them! Avocados are also great because they contain glutathione which helps rid the liver of harmful toxins.

Walnuts are another thing you should get plenty of when detoxing the liver and digestive tract. They contain the amino acid arginine and this helps the liver detoxify ammonia. They are also high in omega 3 fatty acids which helps support normal liver function.

The spice Turmeric is something you can sprinkle on your food, in soups or your favorite recipe for a boost in your liver detox diet.

Look for a liver cleanse to do every so often and start detoxing this fall! And make sure to eat the right kinds of foods to keep your liver and digestive tract functioning healthy .

September 12, 2012
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