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Natural Medicines To Boost Your Immune System And Prevent The Flu

It’s almost upon you: flu season. The end of summer and dropping temperatures almost always heralds in the annual flu season. Every year, thousands of flu cases come with symptoms such as stuffy nose, sore throat, cough, headache, fever, and dehydration, just to name a few. Some medical agencies may suggest that flu vaccines can prevent you from contracting this common upper respiratory infection, but with the controversy that sometimes attends the use of flu vaccines and the skepticism espoused by some that these vaccines range from ineffective to harmful, finding a natural solution for preventing the flu brings more and more patients to the clinics and offices of homeopathic doctors in Phoenix each season. Fortunately, nature has provided several resources that you can use can use to naturally boost your immune system, which may help prevent you from coming down with the flu.

Vitamin c is a major virus-fighting booster that has been proven to strengthen your immune system and may be the first bullet in your homeopathic doctor’s arsenal for combatting the flu. Eating a diet rich in vitamin c, found in many common fruits and vegetables, can help keep you healthy and may also reduce symptoms should you get sick. Daily multivitamins or vitamin c supplements can be a good way to up your intake of this powerful stuff for the duration of the flu and cold season.

Garlic is another natural substance that has strong antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Regularly consuming a few cloves of garlic can keep you from getting sick and may prevent infections from spreading without causing some of the effects that prescribed antibiotics can have on your digestive system. If swallowing whole cloves has you gagging, then talk to your homeopathic doctor in Phoenix about supplemental options that may be available.

During the first season of the H1N1 flu epidemic, research began pouring through on the effects of Elderberry on flu prevention and treatment.  Talk to your homeopathic doctor in Phoenix about dosing this powerful antioxidant and antiviral herb.

A diet plentiful in mushrooms may also help you avoid illness when other people are contracting the flu. Some studies haves shown that mushrooms may increase your white blood cell count. White blood cells are central to how well your immune system functions, so the more you have, the better off you may be. Add mushrooms to soup, salad, and pasta dishes for an easy daily boost.

Herbal tea has also been shown to provide antiviral benefits, so have a cup with your morning meal or as part of your evening wind down. In addition, some researchers believe green tea may be just as beneficial, so get creative and add the tea to your next breakfast smoothie or your dessert recipes for extra benefits. While you’re at it, you may want to make sure you have your favorite herbal teas on hand, which may provide relief for those who already have cold or flu symptoms, and stockpile remedies from your homeopathic doctor in Phoenix just in case.

Ways to Manage CareBesides taking advantage of some of nature’s immune system boosters, taking good care of your body and staying in good condition is another way to lessen the possibility of catching the flu. Getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, and exercising regularly all help your body to stay in top physical form and can help prevent your immune system from being overrun by the viruses that cause the flu.

August 22, 2012
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