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Why you might need IV Therapy

Nutritional IV Therapy: Useful For Many Different Conditions

Every day men and women are struggling as they endure the pain of fibromyalgia or deal with the crippling effects of advanced diabetes. Other individuals are trying to recover from sports injuries or a weakened immune system. Some people may be suffering from chronic asthma, infections, or bronchitis. Still more men and women are coping with depression, fatigue, and chemical injuries. One common characteristic of each of these situations is that effective treatments are few and far between; the victims of these maladies often have little to no hope of sustained recovery. However, another common, but lesser known characteristic, should provide these sufferers with the hope they’ve been looking for. If you or someone you know is looking for an answer to their suffering, then nutritional IV therapy may be the answer that you’ve been hoping for.

Nutritional Intravenous Therapy

Nutritional IV therapy is a therapeutic method of providing nutrients directly to the bloodstream. This treatment therapy has been around for over fifty years. Administered through a medical IV by a specially trained homeopathic doctor, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other healing nutrients can be delivered directly into the bloodstream. Why is it important to deliver nutrients directly to the bloodstream? Many (or nearly all) people lose many nutrients during digestion as food or supplements pass through. Sometimes the types of food or medication being digested at once will prevent the absorption of nutrients. Introducing the nutrients to the body directly through the bloodstream, bypasses the problematic gastrointestinal tract, allowing the body to take full advantage of the necessary nutrients.

The Benefits of Nutritional IV Therapy

Because nutritional IV therapy is very individualized, the benefits experienced by each patient will vary. However, the majority of patients experience several of the following benefits:

  • A decrease in targeted symptoms
  • A decrease in stress
  • An increase in healthful energy
  • An improved sense of well-being
  • A stronger immune system

These benefits often improve the patients’ overall health, resulting in longer, happier lives. Nutritional IV therapy does more than just promote well-being, however. This treatment option is used in many different situations, specifically targeting injuries, illnesses, or other problematic situations.

IVs for Immune Support

The food that most of us consume today has but a fragment of the nutritional value that it once had. In the past, a healthy diet would have delivered the vitamins and minerals necessary to stave off some of the conditions that people typically suffer from today. Whether you are suffering from a simple cold or have been weakened by cancer treatments, you’ll find that the correct protocol of minerals and vitamins will strengthen your immune system and your resistance to viruses and bacteria.

IVs for Viral Infections

Some protocols, such as the popular Myer’s Cocktail, will target multiple applications. These often include viral infections. As the cells receive the full level of necessary nutrients, they have the power to withstand the onslaught of infectious viruses and diseases.

IVs for Sports Fitness

You don’t have to wait until you are feeling ill before seeking nutritional IV treatment, however. By carefully evaluating your diet, your current health and habits, and through blood work, your homeopathic doctor will help you to pinpoint any deficiencies and to create the appropriate protocol. By ensuring that your body is receiving all of the necessary nutrients that it needs, you will be prepared to be at the top of your game, during and after sports events. Athletes recovering from sports injuries will find that they recover faster when nutritional IV therapy is used to supply the body with the most appropriate nutrients.

IVs for Hydration

It is easy to recognize the hydration benefits of this therapy type. The IV readily provides fluid to the body along with electrolytes and the nutrient protocol. Hydration treatments are created carefully for each individual. Patients suffering from severe dehydration or who have trouble staying hydrated because of uncontrollable circumstances can benefit greatly with a hydration protocol.

IVs for Adrenal Support

The body’s adrenal glands are responsible for you react to stress. They are the source of your “fight or flight” response and work to regulate both salt and water within the body. These glands make use of fats, carbs, and proteins. When these glands are out of balance, a treatment regimen of adrenal support can relieve a wide variety of symptoms.

IVs for Nutritional Deficiencies Secondary to Illness or Food Deficiencies

Whenever you suffer from a poorly functioning digestive system, for whatever reason, the use of IVs to compensate for the resulting nutritional deficiencies is very effective. Nutritional IV therapy is a natural choice when it comes to replenishing the nutrients needed and used by the body’s many systems.

Planning the Course of Treatment

For the patients’ most effective recovery, nutritional IV therapy generally takes multiple visits. The visits may be as short as five minutes or may last up to 45 minutes, but typically take place in a relaxing environment. The patient and the doctor will meet to determine which vitamins, minerals, or nutrients are needed and will then plan the course of treatment. By choosing this type of treatment, many patients find that the IV treatment provide a very potent effect, similar to that provided by drugs, but without the dangerous side effects.

There are some protocols which are better known than others, such as the Myer’s Cocktail, Glutathione, and an anti-viral regimen.  Others are continually being developed in response to the needs of patients.

There Are Very Few Side Effects

Patients may experience some bruising or soreness at the area of the injection. In limited cases, allergic reactions are experienced, but these situations usually occur when additives were used during therapy sessions. If an allergic reaction does occur, the protocol can be reevaluated until it is appropriate for the patient.

To Recap:

Nutritional IV therapy is used by homeopathic professionals to effectively treat a wide variety of illnesses and other conditions. The benefits are widely acknowledged and have proven useful for men and women who have found that IV therapy is effective where other treatments have failed and with few side effects. The cumulative health benefits can improve your lifestyle and slow down the effects of aging. Many people have found that they begin experiencing relief within hours of their first treatment.

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