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What You Need To Know About Chronic Stress And Adrenal Fatigue

Unfortunately, modern life can be complicated, over-scheduled, and just plain stressful. Whether you have to work long days

in the office or have financial issues that make you lose sleep at night, you have to tackle stress now if you want to minimize its impact on your quality of life, health, and future. Everyone has some level of stress, but too much can interrupt daily life and have serious health consequences. If you can’t remove or minimize certain factors that regularly stress you out, you do have the power to deal with them properly. Some people turn to prescription medication to cope with chronic stress, which can be addictive, expensive, and even dangerous. By taking a more natural approach to stress management, you can enjoy the same benefits of reducing stress without the problematic side effects that sometimes come with prescription medication.


Identifying The Problem

When it comes to stress, how much is too much? The following symptoms may indicate you are too stressed out:

• Headaches, insomnia, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, upset stomach

• You are almost always tired and frequently become sick

• You regularly feel overwhelmed, angry, depressed, or restless

• Excessive alcohol and drug use, appetite changes, and nervous behavior

• Memory problems, pessimism, difficulty concentrating

If you exhibit some of these symptoms, you might be experiencing an unhealthy amount of stress. If you feel like this all the time, you could have chronic stress, which can lead to devastating health problems and have a serious impact on your body.


How Chronic Stress Affects You

First of all, chronic stress is miserable and takes a lot of the enjoyment out of life. Life is too short to live day after day unhappy. When stress becomes a chronic problem, it can lead to cardiovascular issues like heart attacks and strokes, obesity, mental problems, and much more. Many people have already heard about these side effects of stress and they come as no surprise. However, a lot of people are not familiar with how chronic stress affects adrenal health. The adrenal glands produce hormones that the human body must have. When your body fails to produce the proper amount of hormones as a result of chronic stress, this is known as adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue can cause some of the symptoms overly stressed out people experience, such as always feeling tired, sore, or lightheaded. It can also cause low blood pressure, hair loss, and weight loss. There are a number of ways that adrenal insufficiency can be addressed, such as stress management, counseling, and nutritional balancing. Don’t push off dealing with chronic stress and adrenal fatigue, but tackle the problem as soon as possible and start living life to the fullest. In a sense, the body wasn’t designed for some of the issues that arise in modern life. If you do have adrenal fatigue, you should deal with the problem now and reduce the level of stress in your daily life, which will improve your health and quality of life.


How The Adrenal Glands Work

The adrenal glands release a lot of hormones, such as cortisol, adrenaline, testosterone, progesterone, epinephrine, and many more. When the adrenal glands function properly, they release just the right amount of these hormones and help the body maintain a healthy hormonal balance. Unfortunately, when the adrenal glands are consistently overworked as a result of chronic stress, their proper function can become disrupted. Adrenal fatigue can have a devastating impact on the body and account for various symptoms that often result in misdiagnosis. Unfortunately, many physicians will not recognize adrenal fatigue and patients continue to suffer from this condition without knowing exactly what is wrong with them. The good news, however, is that once someone is properly diagnosed with adrenal fatigue they can immediately begin taking steps to alleviate their symptoms and restore healthy adrenal function. Depending on the severity of adrenal fatigue, successful treatment may be possible in a matter of months or could take a number of years. The adrenal glands help strengthen the immune system, regulate blood pressure, and normalize blood sugar. When someone continues to suffer from this condition, they may struggle with being sick too often, wondering why their immune system has so much difficulty all the time. Once they identify, understand, and work towards treating adrenal fatigue, they can restore adrenal health and enjoy the benefits of proper adrenal function. There are a number of ways that you can find out if you suffer from adrenal fatigue, including a blood pressure test, pupil exam, pain on the glands, or laboratory testing. If you do suffer from this condition, treatment includes a combination of dietary and lifestyle changes. By trying to minimize stress, eat healthier, exercise, sleep better, and take supplements, people can start to take better care of their adrenal glands.


Take Control Today

There are so many aspects of daily life that can be difficult or even impossible to manage. If you have chronic stress and think you might suffer from adrenal fatigue, don’t wait any longer to take control of your health. You might not think you have the time to research another condition and think about modifying your lifestyle, but you can improve your health and quality of life dramatically by restoring proper adrenal function. Life is simply too short to continue suffering from a condition that is easy and affordable to treat, as long as you take treatment seriously and are willing to modify certain aspects of your life. There are too many people that suffer from adrenal fatigue year after year, dealing with regular illness, sleep problems, unhealthy weight changes, and a host of problems that could be resolved. Chronic stress can take a lot of enjoyment out of life, making everything seem more difficult. In this day and age, people face numerous challenges that didn’t exist in much of human history, and their adrenal glands are sometimes overburdened. Once you understand why healthy adrenal function is so crucial and how it impacts your overall health, you can truly appreciate the importance of addressing adrenal fatigue soon. If you suffer from this condition, take control of your life (and health) today by combating stress and properly treating adrenal fatigue.


July 26, 2013
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