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Pediatric Allergies & the NEAT Treatment

Pediatric Allergies

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Many children suffer from various allergy symptoms that can range from frustrating to potentially life-threatening.  Seasonal allergies and other various inhalants such as pollen, and dust are common allergy triggers, even in young children.  Additionally, molds and chemicals (even from commonly used home products such as cleaning products) may trigger various allergic reactions in children.  And, of course, we all know that children can have varying degrees of food allergies.  

Pediatric Allergy Treatment

Often, an allergy will go unnoticed until symptoms of a reaction emerge but they may go ignored or dismissed as a symptom of another illness.  While some over-the-counter and prescription medications may offer symptom relief, they do not provide a cure which means that your child may need medication to deal with an allergy for the rest of their life.  Fortunately, treatments have advanced and now there is another option that doesn’t simply mask symptoms but treats symptoms and may even heal some allergies, the Natural Elimination of Allergy Treatment (NEAT).  Because NEAT is painless, non-invasive, and natural, it can be used on children and adults of all ages.  And, because it is cost-effective, fast, and low maintenance, it is incredibly popular with patients!

How NEAT for Children Works

The NEAT protocol utilizes principles of Kinesiology, TCM/Acupuncture and Homeopathy in a unique innovative way to naturally reset the body.  With this reset, the body is able to stop reacting to various sensitivities and have a more normalized immune function.

The Natural Elimination of Allergy Treatment consists of 4 NEAT sessions that are scheduled approximately 1 week apart.  Patients are often asked to bring in samples of suspected allergens from their living environment (such as vacuum contents, water filters, and pillow cases. Each week a specific undesirable sensitivity is targeted and treated with a blunt brass probe that measures the conductance of the skin on a specific acupuncture meridian.  A baseline of energy is collected against which various objects can be tested to determine sensitivities.  Any item that is found to lower the body’s energy output is then set aside in a holding tank.  Utilizing principals of physics and energetic imprinting, a vial containing a mixture of various offending items is mixed together to create a specific, targeted medication of sorts.  With the treatments, the body becomes desensitized to the former sensitivities so that it does not react with such severity or at all.  After the initial 4 treatments, maintenance sessions may be needed every 3 months to help your body remain desensitized.  Through the use of a holistic and personalized natural elimination of allergies, children can stop masking symptoms with medication and start healing their immune system for a healthy life.

June 24, 2019
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