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family-of-fourNaturopathic medicine focuses on a holistic approach to health and well being.  When it comes to naturopathic family care, we do not just look at one specific problem but we take the time to truly get to know each of our patients and look at their whole health so that we can formulate a better approach to treatment.  Often, medical practices have specialties for certain age groups, specific conditions or other focuses but, with naturopathic family care, we treat not only the whole body but the whole family, in one location.  We prioritize our family practice this way because we think it is not only important, but necessary to a person’s health and vitality, to treat body, mind and spirit without ever sacrificing sound medical care.

So often, when people hear the words “naturopathic family practice” they immediately think of an unlicensed questionable “healer” in a strange office with incense burning and the dispensing of strange potions.  This could not be further from the truth.  In fact, Dr. Krystal Tellier is a licensed primary care physician in Arizona and is trained, capable and incredibly effective at delivering medical care for the whole family.  So often, when you go to a primary care physician with the sniffles you will see a care provider that does not even know your name, they will talk with you for maybe 10 minutes, and you will leave with yet another prescription for an antibiotic.  This is not only comparable to placing a bandage on an open wound but it can actually weaken your body and immune system.  Often, what is needed is not another prescription but treatment by improving whole-body health.  But, just because a more natural and holistic approach is taken does not mean you should shy away with fear that you will receive no “conventional” medical treatment.  Naturopathic doctors have already achieved their bachelor’s degree when they enter into an accredited naturopathic medical college where they will receive training in both naturopathic and “conventional” medical care.  Additionally, it is important to understand that naturopathy is different than homeopathy.  Homeopathy refers specifically to how medicine and treatment is given and is specifically the approach to how it is administered while naturopathy is a specific approach to treating people.  In naturopathic family care, any family member may receive physical examinations, recommendations for dietary changes, recommendations for nutritional supplements or herbal medications, recommendations for lifestyle and exercise changes, and even pharmaceutical prescriptions.  A naturopathic family practice takes a holistic approach to health and a holistic approach to care by treating medical care from a team perspective.  Should a referral to a specialist be needed, a naturopathic physician is more than happy to make the referral.  But, for day-to-day medical care, a naturopathic physician will treat a family with a more natural approach.  This does not mean a naturopath is without tools.  In fact, naturopathic physicians are trained in many healing modalities and can effectively apply these specialized treatments for many health concerns.  A naturopathic family practice is the ideal place for any family to receive medical care and naturopathic treatment for holistic wellness.

June 24, 2015
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