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Naturopathic Treatment of Chronic Pain
Naturopathic Treatment of Chronic Pain

Naturopathic Treatment of Chronic Pain

chronic pain managementChronic pain is a major problem for an astounding amount of people. Every day, millions of people wake up in moderate or, unfortunately, severe pain. Many people wind up on a multitude of prescription medications just to manage their pain and get through their daily lives. The CDC further explains how this growing problem is begging for better and more effective treatment of chronic pain, “In 2016, an estimated 20.4% of U.S. adults had chronic pain and 8.0% of U.S. adults had high-impact chronic pain…Chronic pain, one of the most common reasons adults seek medical care, has been linked to restrictions in mobility and daily activities, dependence on opioids, anxiety and depression, and poor perceived health or reduced quality of life.”

Though there are certainly circumstances where prescription pain medication is necessary, many people are put on it as a sort of band-aid to help the patient get through the day, but it doesn’t address the root cause of the pain. Thus, it is unlikely the chronic pain will stop, the patient will just be on pain medication indefinitely. Naturopathy specifically seeks to find and treat the root cause of the pain with the goal of healing the problem or diminishing the effects of pain.  

chronic pain managementFortunately, with naturopathy, there are many treatment modalities so there are a variety of ways to help treat and manage chronic pain including acupuncture, natural supplements, dietary changes, craniosacral therapy, hydrotherapy, nutritional and herbal supplements, acupuncture, acupressure, prayer, meditation, physical therapy, chiropractic care, IV and injection therapy, massage, and more. If you are struggling to manage your chronic pain or you would like to pursue an alternative to prescription medications, consult an experienced naturopath to begin learning what treatment options may help you.

February 1, 2021
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