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Can Prolotherapy Help You Heal Without Invasive Surgery?

The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention released some shocking numbers about how much surgery actually costs in the United States. Recent statistics suggest approximately 48 million inpatient surgeries were performed in 2009, which totaled $166 billion in initial costs. Additionally, future medical costs associated with complications such as infections were not accounted for.

Instead of immediately opting for traditional medical treatments and surgeries to alleviate pain and treat a variety of conditions, people opt for less traditional treatments such as Prolotherapy. Regenerative Prolotherapy Injections stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal. The injections only cause mild discomfort, similar to getting a shot or immunization. The natural solutions injected directly into the body give it additional ability to heal the following conditions:

  • TMJProlotherapy Treatment
  • Arthritis
  • Spine disk disease
  • Rib dysfunction
  • Instability
  • Sports hernia
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tears and strains in tendons
  • Tears and strains in ligaments
  • Plantar fasciitis

Mobilize the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal

The conditions listed above are only some of the most commonly treated disorders. Prolotherapy is generally affective in treating conditions that can heal given enough time. Often, people think that surgery is the best option to help avoid chronic pain and get back to normal activities. In some cases, traditional surgery is necessary. In other cases, the costs and risks associated with traditional surgeries such as ACL surgery can be avoided altogether and healing time can be shortened.

A trained physician should administer the therapy, and the patient should arrange for someone else to drive him or her home after the procedure because local anesthetic is used, which can make some people feel groggy. The treatment is safe and effective. It is not intended to remove 100 percent of pain for all patients. However, well-documented and invasive surgeries often do not achieve perfect results either.

How Often Does Prolotherapy Work for Patients?

In a recent meta study, approximately 90 percent of patients reported “good” to “excellent” results after receiving the treatment. Several different methodologies were used in each individual study examined, and each study had unique demographics in each sample of participants. Interestingly, the satisfaction rates for chronic pain treated by Prolotherapy were significantly higher than patient satisfaction rates for chronic pain treated by invasive surgeries such as cervical spine surgeries. Also, patients reported fewer side-effects with Prolotherapy, and fewer life-threatening risks are associated with the treatment. The therapy allows the body to heal naturally, and fewer complications (e.g. rejected implants) arise from disrupting the body’s natural state.

Comparison of Risk and the Effect on Quality of Living

Primarily, patients that decide to undergo the alternative medical treatment are still able to exercise and move shortly after treatment. Unlike surgery, the risk of blood clots and infection is reduced dramatically. Patients also report the ability to engage in mild exercise which is strongly suggested to help arthritic pain with minimal downtime. Other conditions associated with invasive surgery including depression and chronic stress are less likely to be seen in patients who find effective treatment options without undergoing surgery that requires substantial rest.

Dangers of Letting Chronic Pain Go Unaddressed or Trying to Ignore It

Chronic pain can have more of an impact than patients initially assume. In many cases, the substantial impact of chronic pain is not fully recognized by patients until the pain is alleviated. Severe depression is strongly correlated with chronic pain. The disorder can be more than a nuisance. It can be deadly.

Additionally, it is difficult to value the increase in quality of life that chronic pain sufferers feel after achieving “good” to “excellent” results. Patients typically are able to engage in more social activities, experience more success in careers, and enjoy new things after chronic pain is alleviated. In addition, patients are typically also able to demonstrate better practices in general health which in turn affect a variety of medication conditions. Without as much chronic pain, patients can focus on exercising regularly, eating healthy foods, and preparing meals. Even more important, patients can focus on emotional well-being.

There Is Real Help for Chronic Pain Sufferers

Traditional surgery is sometimes necessary. However, people have a right to know about all available options for chronic pain treatment. Although Prolotherapy is not intended to cure all pain in all patients, studies suggest that the treatment makes a substantial difference in approximately 90 percent of study participants. Instead of feeling stuck or hopeless, it is possible to explore different options and opportunities for overall health and wellness.

Get Control of Your Pain and Take Back Your Life Today

No one deserves to live with chronic pain due to medical conditions that can be treated. We always welcome patients to call us with any questions about the treatments we offer. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff today at 602-368-9211 to learn more about how natural treatments can help you. At Health for Life Naturopathic Medicine, we are always here to help people like you thrive.


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