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Benefits To A Natural Childbirth At Home

Benefits To A Natural Childbirth At Home

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For a woman, pregnancy and birth can be a very special experience. It’s something many women have looked forward to their entire lives. Many women may find that there is a lot of information that they never learned about until they actually became pregnant. One of the choices that women have is where they will give birth to their child. While some may opt to go to a hospital, you should know that the choice is yours. If you want, then a Phoenix midwife can help you at your home to have a natural childbirth. Here are some benefits to having a natural childbirth at home.


You might hear that a natural childbirth tends to be healthier or less risky for the mother and baby. This is true if the mother or baby has some sort of reaction to any of the drugs that may otherwise be used. While it might not happen every time, drugs can cause lowered heart rate or oxygen levels for the baby. By simply not having any medications in your body, you eliminate the risk of your baby reacting badly to those medications. Instead, a Phoenix midwife or another close person can coach you through the process of managing the pain.


Giving birth naturally also tends to flow at a faster rate than a birth in a hospital. There are times when a mother has an induction that the labor suddenly gets more intense and difficult. If an epidural is used, a mother may not be able to tell how hard she is pushing whereas without an epidural a woman’s body can give her all the cues uninterrupted. You should check on this beforehand, but a Phoenix midwife should be fully qualified to oversee your birth at home as well, so you shouldn’t need to stress that there isn’t a formal doctor present.


Another benefit to a natural childbirth at home is that you can move around freely in a comfortable environment. If you decide to get an epidural at the hospital, you won’t be able to move around because of the numbness in the lower half of your body. Hospitals may also require many expectant mothers to stay in the bed because of the monitors they place on her to monitor the baby. At home, a Phoenix midwife may let you move as you like to help you feel comfortable and more in tune with the birth. You can also get assistance with managing pain through various techniques.


Birthing your child naturally means there are no drugs that may make your baby feel a little more sluggish. Natural childbirths tend to end with very alert babies and mothers that feel empowered from their accomplishment. The overall hospital stay may be shorter, and you can enjoy the first moments of your baby’s life without dealing with the side effects of any drugs.


Pregnancy and birth can be a very special experience. Choosing where you will give birth is a big decision you have as a mother. While no one should criticize you for whatever choice you make, it can be wise to weigh the various advantages and disadvantages of different options. You might contact a Phoenix midwife to find out more about the various benefits a natural childbirth at home can have for you and your baby.

March 26, 2013
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