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Alternative Vaccine Schedules

family-of-fourThere has been some discussion lately within the family medicine Phoenix community as to how children should be given vaccines.  The previously accepted schedule was for children to receive twenty five shots within the first fifteen months of life.  There is an alternative vaccination schedule being proposed that suggests that the shot schedule should be extended so that children will receive vaccines up through the ages of five or six.  The current 2012 vaccine schedule has 49 different vaccines children will receive by age 6.

In this alternative vaccination schedule it is suggested that vaccination be reprioritize so the vaccines are given based on the severity and how common the diseases are.   If you are a parent that has listened to the concerns that have been reported this alternative schedule may have some appeal.  You will have to look for a family medicine Phoenix doctor that is accepting of this new schedule so that you can discuss the pros and cons.  There is a belief is that if the reported concerns are real then the new schedule may circumvent most of the problems.  If the reported problems are not real, then the only downside is the extra time.  It will also take more effort on the parents’ part and it could be more expensive as it will require more visits to the doctor’s office.

The doctors within the family medicine Phoenix community that may consider this type of alternative vaccine schedule may also be open to the bare minimum approach to vaccinations as well.  This schedule only vaccinates for serious and common diseases.  This approach may appeal to those parents that are the most reluctant to vaccinate their children.  With all of the new information pouring out of the media it makes it hard for parents to decide what is best for their children.

As more vaccines have been added to the number children receive, many parents have become wary just because of the number of shots children are expected to receive.  There can be multiple shots in one visit.  What has been suggested to the family medicine Phoenix community is that the full spectrum of vaccinations be given but in a more age appropriate time frame.  It would provide the protection from the diseases within the age where a particular disease would be the most likely to be troublesome.  This would prevent a child from being overloaded with vaccines until they were necessary.

The family medicine Phoenix doctors are familiar with the current debate as to as to certain vaccines triggering autism or other development concerns in some children.  It is because of this debate and information being released as to what is in vaccines that make many parents question if they are doing more harm than good when they vaccinate their children.  Then the debate moves into another area of contention that is personal choice versus social responsibility.  It could be argued that parents who choose not to vaccinate their children are not putting them at terrible risk if the other children around them have had their immunizations.

Making educated decisions on how vaccines fit into your family’s life is important.  Choosing not to vaccinate does not mean you ignore the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle so you child’s immune system is healthy.  While some family’s choose to fully immunize, others may partially, and other’s may not at all. This must be a decision made by each family.

July 18, 2012
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