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Many alternative pediatrician Phoenix care givers are concerned with the amount of processed food that children are eating because they contain unhealthy fats as well as refined sugars and a lot of empty calories.  These foods provide absolutely no nutritional value and are stripped of all their nutrients.  Because your child’s health is the foundation for their growing body, they need to have fresh, whole food that will be optimal for their proper growth and development.

Beginning with breastfeeding and on through childhood and into adulthood your child will need to learn healthy habits for eating.  As your child’s brain develops they need proper nutrition and from birth to the age of 3 a child will develop 75 percent of their brain and a healthy nutritional intake will aid in proper growth.  After age 2, alternative pediatrician Phoenix care givers recommend that you give your child moderately low saturated fat food items in order to avoid childhood obesity, health problems and possible heart disease.  It has been found that by age 5, kids have 90% of brain development and from the ages of 11 to 16 your child will experience a major growth spurt where they will put on significant weight and muscle growth.

In order to guarantee that your child is receiving proper nutrition both at home and in school, you may want to sit down and visit with an alternative pediatrician Phoenix office.  They take a more holistic approach to medicine and treat children with more non-invasive methods that are natural for healing and growth.  They teach you and your child how to maintain a healthy diet through using herbal medication, massage and other drug free techniques to treat illness and prescribe an organic diet full of fruits and vegetables and natural foods to help your child grow.  A good alternative pediatrician Phoenix office will not only provide a holistic foundation, but will also include their formal medical knowledge to provide the best care possible for your child.

Alternative ways of treating a child with nutritional, vitamins, and herbal supplements can help your child to grow strong and health and by using natural remedies we can save our kids from the nasty side effects of drugs by using a more purposeful treatment.  You will be pleased with the nutritional advice that these doctors give and also will be pleased with the methods of holistic healing that are prescribed for illnesses such as ear infections and other problems.

Making an appointment with an alternative pediatrician for your child can be well worth your time and money.  They can give you helpful suggestions for nutritional guidelines as well as for vitamins and herbal supplements that you can give your child to help them grow strong and healthy.  You will be pleased as you learn about holistic approaches to treating illness and disease instead of pumping your child full of antibiotics.  Some insurance plans cover Naturopathic medicine. Flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts are another way to have coverage for visit fees to see a Naturopathic Doctor.

March 28, 2012
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