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Treating the Body with Homeopathic Medicine

Medicine and the Human Body

HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINEThe human body experiences everything from minor aches and pains, to allergens and sensitive that cause reactions, to significant physical pain and other symptoms.  There is a massive range of conditions that the human body experiences in a lifetime, some that are very temporary and some that are lifelong.  Because of this, many people head to the local pharmacy for some over-the-counter medications or to their doctor for a prescription to relieve symptoms or manage pain.  However, many of those pharmaceutical medications have side effects and long-term effects that are not ideal or downright dangerous.  For this reason (and more!), many people turn to homeopathic medicine as an alternative healthcare choice.

What is Homeopathic Medicine?

HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINEHomeopathic medicine is still unique treatments designed to treat specific conditions or ailments but it is naturally-derived.  The American Institute of Homeopathy provides an in-depth description of homeopathic medicine, “Homeopathy, or Homeopathic Medicine, is the practice of medicine that embraces a holistic, natural approach to the treatment of the sick.  Homeopathy is holistic because it treats the person as a whole, rather than focusing on a diseased part or a labeled sickness.  Homeopathy is natural because its remedies are produced…from natural sources, whether vegetable, mineral, or animal in nature…The guiding principle of Homeopathy is stated as “let likes cure likes”…In the practice of Homeopathic Medicine, a detailed, comprehensive interview of the patient, called the homeopathic case-taking, is undertaken to reveal the physical, psychological and emotional characteristics and complaints of that individual.  The homeopathic practitioner then finds the homeopathic remedy whose materia medica (drug picture) is the most similar to that of the patient’s characteristic totality…The second principle of Homeopathy is that of the minimum dose…As paradoxical as it may seem, the higher the dilution, when prepared in this dynamized way, the more potent the homeopathic remedy…The third principle of Homeopathy is the single remedy.  Most homeopathic practitioners prescribe one remedy at a time.”

What Are the Advantages of Homeopathic Medicine?

HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINEOne of the primary benefits of homeopathic medicine is, that when used correctly, it is just as effective yet has far fewer health risks than prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.  Homeopathic medications are naturally-derived so they are much better for your health than pharmaceutical medications.  An additional benefit is that homeopathic medications are prescribed in low-doses and are non-habit forming, unlike many pharmaceutical medications.  Further, homeopathic medicines seek to treat not just the symptom but the root cause which means you may even recover more quickly!  There are homeopathic medicine alternatives for just about every prescription and over-the-counter medication so consider taking advantage of the benefits of homeopathic medicine the next time you need medicine.

January 15, 2019
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