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Preventing The Cold And Flu Naturally

Preventing The Cold And Flu Naturally

There are some people who may feel a bit conflicted when it comes to cold and flu treatment. It sometimes seems like there are so many ways to try to prevent and treat the cold or flu, but many methods use seeming harsh chemicals. Some people might choose to not get a flu vaccine for one reason or another. For those who do not get vaccines and are looking for natural ways to help prevent the cold and flu for their children, it can be beneficial to get the help of a naturopathic pediatrician in Phoenix. Here are some tips you might find for naturally preventing the cold and flu.


A lot of preventing illness rests in your hands, literally. You might find that a naturopathic pediatrician tells you the same things that you hear all the time. One of the very first things that you can do to help prevent catching or spreading the cold or flu is to wash your hands. Washing your hands often, especially before eating, can help to stop germs from spreading further. If you find that you aren’t anywhere near a sink when you need to wash your hands, an alcohol-based sanitizer can do the trick in a pinch. Be aware, however, that hand sanitizer is not necessarily a substitute for washing your hands well.


Another very basic tip that you can follow is managing how you block your cough or sneeze. It might seem more intuitive to sneeze or cough into your hands, but this is a very easy way to quickly spread a virus to more people. Even a naturopathic pediatricians advice might mention that sneezing inside your elbow is one of the best ways to block a sneeze or cough and keep your hands relatively germ free.


Touching your face is quick way for the cold or flu to get into your system. Little children especially tend to touch their noses, mouths, and eyes a lot. If your hands happen to have a virus on them, that virus can quickly enter your system if you are touching your face a lot. You should teach your children to touch their faces as little as possible. Adults, too, should avoid touching their faces too much in order to lessen the chance of catching the cold or flu.


Basic healthy living can also do a lot to help adults and children alike to be protected from catching the cold or the flu. Those who smoke or drink alcohol have a higher risk of getting sick because of how those substances interact with the body. Keeping children away from these things could help them to be healthier as well. In addition, getting good exercise and plenty of rest are great ways to keep your body’s immune system in tip-top shape, as a naturopathic pediatrician Phoenix office will probably tell you.


If you’re looking for ways to fight off the cold and flu naturally, there are many things that you can do. You can wash your hands, block your cough or sneeze with your elbow, avoid touching your face, and get into healthy living habits like avoiding tobacco, alcohol, and getting exercise and rest. For more information, you should be able to contact your naturopathic pediatrician Phoenix office.


February 20, 2013
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