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Naturopathic Environmental Medicine Treatment

Naturopathic Environmental Medicine Treatment

Regardless of where we live and the lives we lead, we all interact with the outside world and the environment around us on a daily basis. Unfortunately, as technology advances, we interact with many chemicals and other toxicants such as heavy metals, BPA, phthalates, parabens, solvents, pesticides, and more.  as a result. Even if we strive to live a fairly natural life by choosing specific health and wellness products, clothing, cleaning products, and more, we may come into contact with environmental elements that can negatively impact our health. And, depending on how many we come into contact with, they may work synergistically to increase their negative effects on our health and could even lead to major health problems and even cancer. For this reason, it is important to work with a naturopath to detoxify your system and restore your immune system to optimal functionality.


environmental medicineNaturopathic environmental medicine begins with an in-depth assessment of your symptoms and environment to determine what specific toxins may be influencing your health. Unlike western medicine’s approach to managing symptoms with medication that only addresses the presenting symptoms and not the root cause, we want to take time to really assess what factors could be contributing to your health concerns. Additionally, naturopaths will analyze things like blood, urine, and saliva to measure what type of toxic exposures you may have, and in what quantities they present. Many people do not realize the common and highly prevalent things that could be leading to environmental exposure to toxins including paint, flooring, clothing, beauty products, candles, food, hidden mold, cleaning products, and much more. Without even realizing it, those toxins may be lurking in every cabinet in your home, slowly exposing you to things that are impacting your health.


Once specific exposures have been determined, your naturopath will work with you to strategically create a plan to address your environmental exposures including avoiding further exposure and natural treatments that will help your body naturally detoxify with the goal of restoring homeostasis within your body. The specific treatments recommended for you will depend on your unique health and environmental exposures but may include things like intravenous therapy, detoxification protocols such as removal of products and/or elimination diets, supplements, changes to your home’s water and air sources, and/or filtration systems, changes to your beauty and cleaning products, hydrotherapy, sauna therapy, infrared therapy, and much more. If you think you may have been exposed to environmental toxins or would like an assessment of your health from someone experienced in environmental medicine, consult an experienced naturopath for an in-depth analysis of your health and a strategic plan to restore your body’s health and wellness. 


October 4, 2021
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