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In today’s world of alternative treatments and therapies, many people are familiar with acupuncture but it seems that fewer people are familiar with biopuncture.  Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine that is commonly used today.  It works by placing very thin needles at certain specific points on your body to unblock chi (your body’s energy) and allow for your body’s energy to flow more freely. While acupuncture can be used to treat a variety of ailments such as acute pain, physical stress, headaches, sports injuries, anxiety and more, there is now additional options to naturally treat those things (and more!).  Biopuncture is similar to acupuncture in that is uses thin needles administered at specific points on your body but the needles contain various homeopathic medicine, herbal remedies or vitamins and minerals depending on what ailment is being treated.

Biopuncture is a therapy that is used to stimulate the body’s natural healing ability.  Pain and inflammation can be directly targeted.  With biopuncture, treatment is enhanced with natural injections that help further stimulate healing.  While biopuncture has been around for over a century; it is relatively new (but rapidly gaining in popularity) in North America. Dr. Oz provides a brief history and description of biopuncture, “Although many injection-based therapies have been in existence for decades in Europe and the United States, the term biopuncture was coined by its founder, Belgian family practice physician Jan Kersschot, MD, in 1991. He introduced biopuncture to the United States in 2008… It can be used alongside conventional treatments or when conventional or alternative treatments fall short. It is not a stand-alone treatment… in biopuncture, small doses of products are injected in order to stimulate or “wake up” the natural healing processes. The healing effect comes from “inside” your body – not from the products themselves. It’s the reaction of your immune system, which will produce the proper reactions to regain natural healing.”

Though other types of injections exist for pain management and inflammation relief, those pharmaceuticals are filled with chemicals that only help mask symptoms for a time.  Biopuncture is uniquely designed to promote natural healing while also treating pain and inflammation by leveraging the principles of injecting medicine into specific points in the body.  When you visit Dr. Tellier for biopuncture therapy, Dr. Tellier will assess what injuries or ailments need treatment and determine what type of biopuncture therapy will best benefit your holistic health.  A pain management plan will be developed and Dr. Tellier and you will receive your biopuncture therapy treatments in a comfortable and relaxing setting so that your body can begin to naturally heal.


March 8, 2017
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