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Natural Allergy Elimination with NEAT

Natural Allergy Elimination with NEAT

NEAT Natural Allergy TreatmentAllergies can range from an uncomfortable inconvenience to a life-threatening and life-altering medical condition that impacts your daily life. There are various ways to treat and/or manage food allergies, seasonal allergies, and environmental allergies but some require daily pills, rescue medications and/or injections for emergencies, and more but they are not always effective and are simply a bandaid, not a cure. In naturopathy, we holistically look at the individual to not just treat a symptom (though that is also important, of course), we want to find ways to encourage the body to heal itself so that allergies can be eliminated. NEAT, Natural Elimination of Allergy Treatment, is a safe and effective way to eliminate sensitivities and allergies in your body so that you can stop running on the endless wheel of allergy treatments.

NEAT uses natural and homeopathic methods to identify sensitivities and carefully target treatments that work quickly, are low maintenance, are cost-effective, and most importantly – completely safe and painless – which makes allergy elimination easy and accessible for people of all ages.

How NEAT works:

  • The EDS 2000 device uses a brass probe on acupuncture meridians to test the energy of the body in microamps using Electro Dermal Screening (EDS). This testing allows a baseline of energy to then test various objects against. Any item that lowers the body’s energy output is set aside in a holding tank.
  • Using physics and energetic imprinting, a vial of low potency “kryptonite” is created based on the holding tank of offending items that lower the body’s energy.
  • By using principles of acupressure the body is then cleared with a series of taping along the spine aligned to the UB meridian in Chinese medicine. The NEAT protocol “reboots” the body, allowing it to not react to a particular sensitivity and thus creating normalized immune function.
  • The offending items should be avoided for a complete 24-hour cycle of TCM meridians to allow for a full “reboot” of the body.

Four NEAT sessions will be conducted approximately 1 week apart until the undesirable sensitivities are decreased and proper immune function is restored. Each session will target a specific allergy or sensitivity including inhalants, mold and chemicals, foods, and a final cleanup that can be repeated as needed to ensure the barrier function against sensitivities is maintained. 


February 20, 2022
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