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Infusion Therapy Boosts Immunity & Improves Athletic Performance

8425259As a naturopathic treatment provider, we focus on holistic health rather than treating or masking specific symptoms.  A body balanced with proper nutrients is far more capable of maintaining health or fighting illness than in imbalanced body.  It is for this reason that we offer our patients IV and Injection Therapy, also known as Infusion Therapy.  Oral vitamins offer their own benefits but some are may not be optimally absorbed by the body.  Infusion therapy delivers important vitamins and minerals directly into the blood stream through intravenous administration.  Infusion Therapy is ideally suited to a variety of individuals including those who are ill, those who are preventing illness, athletes and those living active lifestyles, busy professionals and more.

Many individuals experience vitamin and mineral deficiencies for a variety of reasons that range from illness to a diet lacking in certain nutrients to athletes that deplete their reserves quickly.  When you visit our office, Dr. Tellier will assess your health and lifestyle and help determine what deficiencies may exist or what vitamins and minerals might be beneficial depending on your health goals.  Infusion Therapy can be used to boost your immunity during cold and flu season or be customized to help address any other specific medical needs. We offer patients herbal immune boosters and hi-potency vitamin and mineral injections, such as B-12 shots. If you are detoxifying your body, or experiencing adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, chronic infections, allergies or other medical conditions your IV therapy can be customized accordingly.  In addition to enhancing immunity, many individuals with an active lifestyle or competitive athletes opt for Injection Therapy to help replenish vitamins and minerals that are quickly depleted during exercise and training.  For those committed to such a lifestyle, Injection Therapy is often simply part of their work out and training program that optimizes their performance and recovery. If you lead an active lifestyle or are a competitive athlete, Dr. Tellier will assess your health and factor your rigorous lifestyle and training, as well as your athletic goals; into determining what IV therapy may be best for your individual health. Infusion Therapy can be used as an occasional treatment or as part of a holistic lifestyle approach to health and well-being.  Some of the injections we offer include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • B12
  • MIC + B12 lipotrophic injections for weight loss
  • Immune boosting vitamin injections
  • Homeopathic injections ie Traumeel ™ and Engystol ™
  • Ferroplex (natural iron injection with vitamins to increase absorption)


February 15, 2017
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