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How to Restore Your Health Through Naturopathic Detoxification

Every day we encounter thousands of toxins just by breathing in the air around us, touching various surfaces, or coming in contact with various substances including cleaning products or body care products, and even eating certain foods.  As toxins build up in the body it can lead to a variety of health problems that can be both small annoyances and major detrimental problems.  Symptoms of toxin buildup include fatigue, headaches/migraines, eczema, mood swings, weight gain, poor sleep, bloating, sinus congestion, bad breath, poor digestion/gastrointestinal upset, hormone imbalance, inflammation, and more.

Natural detoxification begins with understanding what toxins are entering your body and how.  Once you understand that you can begin to examine ways to reduce the number of toxins with which you come in contact and begin to rid of your body of harmful toxins.  Lifestyle changes are most likely inevitable in an effort to restore your health.  You may need to change the cleaning and health/body care products that you use.  You may need to eliminate or limit certain foods.  And, you may benefit from certain naturopathic treatments and holistic healing approaches that will assist your body in shedding and removing toxins so that you can begin to rebalance your overall health.  
Naturopathic detoxification techniques include assessing your overall health, taking blood work, and determining what may be in excess and what may be lacking.  Once an assessment is complete your naturopathic doctor may determine that your body needs certain herbal supplements or nutrients via nutrient detox IV to give your body the additional support that you cannot get from lifestyle, food and exercise changes.  Additionally, your naturopath may recommend that you go through a food elimination process to determine any foods are problematic for you, lead to inflammation, or if you are just allergic to them altogether.  For some people, they have experienced an intolerance to certain foods that cause inflammation or just genes malaise, while other people are allergic.  But, in either circumstance, it may be beneficial to eliminate them to allow the body to naturally detoxify.  Additional naturopathic modalities include hydrotherapy homeopathy and other clinical techniques to assist in natural detoxification.  By taking a holistic approach to natural detoxification, the entire body is examined and the root cause of various health issues examined so that whole-body healing can begin to occur.  

June 13, 2018
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