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Get Your Supplements from a Trusted Naturopath

Medicinal TreatmentDo you really know what is in your nutritional supplements and vitamins that you buy at the store or online? You may have heard that nutritional supplements and vitamins are not FDA regulated like medications are which means they have not always been rigorously tested, may contain less of a particular ingredient than stated, or may have low bioavailability because of the specific ingredients chosen. Harvard Health Publishing explains the many concerns with over-the-counter nutritional supplements and vitamin, “One recent report looked at three memory supplements: two of them contained none of the active ingredient, and one of those contained unidentifiable chemicals that raise serious questions about its safety. Another, much larger study finds that the problem of tainted supplements — and lack of oversight — is widespread…About 20% of the contaminated supplements contained more than one unapproved ingredient.”

It can be incredibly hard to determine if your vitamin or supplement company is reputable and also uses high-quality ingredients which is why it is far better to get your nutritional supplements from a trusted naturopath that can uniquely formulate them for your needs.

When you work with a naturopath, there has been tremendous research into ingredients, manufacturing methods, and quality based on years of experience and medical knowledge. People are often surprised at the cost of supplements purchased from a naturopath but the quality is far superior and when consumed correctly may actually provide the results you want which ultimately costs less than buying a bunch of untested supplements that may not provide any actual value and worse – could harm you.  Whether you want something as simple s a daily multivitamin or prenatal or want to enhance your health with things like probiotics, Omega 3 fatty acids, botanicals, herbs, homeopathic, meal replacement proteins or you want a specific and unique formulation, working with a naturopath enables you to get the guidance you need when choosing ideal supplements for your health and goals.

Why work with a naturopath instead of an MD when choosing high-quality nutritional supplements? Unlike MDs naturopaths undergo medical training but also study and learn about herbs, nutrition, homeopathy, and other treatment modalities that can be useful in stimulating the self-healing proceeds without prescription medication. Speak to your naturopathic physician before making any changes to your health and wellness regimen, including nutritional supplements and vitamins, and learn about how you can get higher-quality and more reliable supplements.

August 9, 2021
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