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Constitutional Hydrotherapy is an Effective & Non-Invasive Therapy for a Number of Ailments

Constitutional Hydrotherapy is an Effective & Non-Invasive Therapy for a Number of Ailments

Therapeutic Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Various types of hydrotherapy have recently become a trendy health treatment as the masses have caught on to the simple but exceptional healing power of water.  There are many different types of hydrotherapy, some more effective than others.  The type you choose may be based on the specific reason for which you seek hydrotherapy in the first place but one type (under the supervision of a naturopath) can be particularly beneficial for a wide array of patients – constitutional hydrotherapy.

What is Constitutional Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy has been used for centuries as a way to stimulate healing within the body.  This simple, non-invasive treatment has little-to-no-risk of side effects and yet can provide powerful healing.  When we refer to hydrotherapy as ‘constitutional hydrotherapy’ it is because we are talking not just about treating a specific symptom of an ailment – we are talking about treating an individual’s entire constitution – your body’s muscles, bones, tissues, cells, circulation, immune system, etc. – to expedite your body’s natural healing process.  

Naturopathic Doctor News & Review provides a brief history and explanation of constitutional hydrotherapy, “Constitutional hydrotherapy, originated by Otis G. Carroll in 1908, is thought to change the constitution of the cells in the body, resulting in an increase in cellular metabolism, oxygenation, digestion and assimilation of nutrition, and elimination of toxins in the body.  Dr Harold Dick, another proponent of constitutional hydrotherapy states, “…constitutional hydrotherapy is one the most effective methods for promoting detoxification,” thereby removing the obstacles to cure and enabling the vis to heal the individual. Constitutional hydrotherapy consists of alternating hot and cold compresses and electrical stimulation using a sine wave machine applied to the anterior and posterior thorax…The application of hot and cold is believed to increase circulation and white blood cell count, which optimizes immune function…the sine wave promotes the elimination of toxins through sympathetic nervous stimulation to the abdominal organs (ie, liver, pancreas, stomach), increased peristalsis, and through stimulation of muscle contractions, which in turn increases metabolism and circulation.”

In-office constitutional hydrotherapy treatments include a combination of hot and cold towels placed on the body in combination with electrical stimulation.  When these two things are combined, the effect on your body stimulates digestion, increases immunity, and encourages natural detoxification.  

What Can be Treated with Constitutional Hydrotherapy?

A better question might be, what cannot be treated with constitutional hydrotherapy? Constitutional hydrotherapy is a treatment that provides serene relaxation and can be used to treat a myriad of conditions including headaches, symptoms of an injury such as bruising and swelling, stress, anxiety, digestive health, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, asthma, chronic pain, and so much more.  

Constitutional hydrotherapy is a wonderful therapeutic treatment option for a wide variety of patients of all ages because there are almost no contraindications.  To learn more about how it can benefit your health, please contact our office for more information or to schedule an appointment.




November 30, 2019
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